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This Thursday and Friday, the 21st and 22nd August, Dr Jeanette Müller will be giving a two day workshop at the Tyndall National Institute, University College Cork (IE). She has been invited by Dr Georgios Fagas (EU Programme Coordinator at Tyndall National Institute) to lead this workshop. The focus will be on Horizon 2020 proposal writing and project participation for researchers.
Day one will consist of a presentation on funding opportunities in Horizon 2020, as part of this presentation, information on how to write a coherent proposal will be given to the participants. The presentation will be followed by exercises and group work. On day two there will be a chance for researchers to participate in one-to-one meetings where they can discuss their specific projects. The workshop will offer them the chance to expand their knowledge by working in groups and taking part in individual discussions.
About Tyndall National Institute: It is one of Europe's leading centres for Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) research and development. It is the largest facility of its kind in Ireland with ca 450 staff, students and academic & industrial visiting researchers.)

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