Company News

Over the past couple of months we’ve been working hard towards the relaunch of our website. With this new structure we’re bringing our range of services to the forefront, giving you a better overview over what we offer. Working with many different clients spread across a whole continent (and some even further) has lead to our website being somewhat of a business card for any interested party. The relaunch signifies the changes we have made to our business throughout the years. In past years we’ve mainly strived to supporting projects throughout their lifetime, from the proposal writing stage through to their completion. Today we’re also offering individual services to suit our clients’ best needs; be it funding advice, help writing the proposal or taking over the role of dissemination partner. Of course we also still plan on supporting projects throughout their complete lifetime. Instead of just reshuffling a few pages we’ve also decided to rewrite a large amount of content, making our services even more transparent.

With this new design we’d like to show any visitor what we offer upfront: From Funding Advice through to Project Communication. It is now easier than ever to find out what we offer as a partner in Proposal Writing, Grant Agreement Preparation and Project Management (to name a few). In the process we’ve also launched new services:

  • Strategic Grant Planning: We will help you develop your project or research ideas, support you in defining a strategy, help you find a suitable funding scheme and prepare you for the proposal submission.
  • Individual Guidance: A personal coaching from one of your experts to assist you in identifying the best suitable EU funding schemes for your proposal.
  • Grant Agreement Preparation: Helping you complete the 10 main steps in preparing the EU contracts and setting up your project.

Interested in seeing the work we have done for other projects? Our Communication Portfolio has a selection of Flyers, Factsheets, Infographics and more.