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COST stands for “European Cooperation in Science and Technology” and funds the coordination of pan-European, bottom-up networks of scientists and researchers across all science and technology fields. In this project, NEOH unites the interdisciplinary network required to address a current gap in the evaluation of so-called „One Health“ initiatives.


Human health and well-being are increasingly affected by global challenges such as malnutrition, emerging and endemic zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance and climate change. A One Health approach has been proposed to tackle the challenges through accepting that their complexity requires interdisciplinarity, in particular applying natural and social sciences to human and animal health in the context of a sustainable environment. Several One Health initiatives have been implemented, such as the establishment of cross-sectoral coordination, communication and data sharing mechanisms as well as jointly executed risk assessments and disease control programmes.
However, no standardised methodology exists for quantitative evaluation of One Health activities; most One Health activities have not been evaluated or their assessments are qualitative. Therefore policy makers have insufficient evidence for making decisions on new policies and allocation of resources for a wider One Health approach.
The overall aim of NEOH is to enable future quantitative evaluations of One Health activities by delivering:

  • A science-based evaluation protocol for One Health activities
  • Coordination of evaluations of existing One Health initiatives
  • A networked community of experts collaborating to further the evidence base
  • Researchers trained in performing evaluations of One Health activities.

The network comprises experts and key players in the relevant fields and is well-placed to assess the effectiveness and economic efficiency of existing One Health initiatives and to investigate the factors influencing performance. This will make NEOH a successful network capable of delivering the urgently needed evidence base for cost-effective policies in global health.

More about NEOH on the Netowrk for Evaluation of One Health webiste.




COST annual report 2018 featuring NEOH

Project Details

The Royal Veterinary College, UK
University of Copenhagen, DK
Danish Agriculture & Food Council, DK
University of Bonn, DE
University of Malta, MT
Norwegian Veterinary Institute, NO
Scientific Veterinary Institute Novi Sad, RS
University of Murcia, ES
Technical University of Cartagena, ES
University of Zurich, CH
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
University of Sarajevo, BA
University of Zagreb, HR
CIRAD - Agricultural Research for Development, FR
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, MK
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR
Dublin City University, IE
Cork Institute of Technology, IE
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, IL
University of Bologna, IT
University of Milan, IT
Wageningen University, NL
NAtional Institute for Public Health and the Environment, NL
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NO
INESC Technology and Science, PT
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PT
Universitatea de Stiinte Agricole si Medicina Veterinara, RO
Babes-Bolyai University, RO
University of Ljubljana, SI
Hospital Torrecardenas, ES
National Veterinary Institute, SE
Uppsala University, SE
University of Basel, CH
University of Liverpool, UK
more to come (last update 21.09.2015)
Dr Barbara Häsler
14.05.2014 - 13.05.2018
To be defined on annual basis (approx. 100,000 euro per year)
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