Project Description

PROVE wants to raise benefits for 4 identified target groups: EU-Project Managers, organisations running EU-Projects, organisations providing expertise and training on (EU-) Project Management and EU institutions.


To support the 4 target groups, PROVE offers the following services:

  • Peer-learning sessions on Project Management standards, tools and techniques.
  • A Needs Analysis to survey the areas of knowledge and competences which are the most important for successful EU-Project Management.
  • A Manual for EU-Project Managers.
  • A Code of conduct (Charter) for EU-Project Managers.
  • A Curriculum for EU-Project Managers.

Project Details

emcra GmbH, DE
accelopment AG, CH
EU-Fundraising Association e. V., DE
European Center for Quality Ltd., BUL
Human Eröforrasert Egyesület Del-Alföldi Regio, HUN
EPFundatia Romano Germana de Pregatire si Perfectionare Profesionala in Domeniul Constructiilor Timisoara, RO
Cyprus Project Management Society, CY
Université de Cergy-Pontoise, FR
Lietuvos Projektu Vadybos Asociacija, LT
PCM Group, Process Consultants & Moderators BVBA, BE
Management Plaza, BE
Pierre-Etienne Metais
24 months
125'000 euro
Our Services: 
Proposal Writing
Contract Negotiations
Project Management
Project Dissemination
Funding Programme: 
  • LLP-Leonardo da Vinci