Project Description

UNION will develop nanoparticle (NP) assembly techniques, and assembly monitoring technologies to prepare novel hierarchically-ordered nanoparticle clusters (NPCs), with unique emergent properties and scale targeted towards selected application areas.


By improving control over the synthesis and assembly of NPs UNION will produce materials with tailored and predictable properties. Furthermore, by incorporating hierarchical control into the assembly it will be possible to assess the influence of the hierarchy on properties and develop new functionalities. UNION will investigate how the emergent properties of the assemblies are determined by the architecture of the assembly, the extent of order, and the properties of the component NPs. This will enable tuning of the primary NP properties and the assembly processes to develop significant breakthroughs in nano-devices and next generation complex nanotechnology products.

Project Details

Dublin City University, IE
accelopment AG, CH (service provider)
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, DE
Fundacio Institut de Recerca de L‘Energia de Catalunya, E
Hungarian Academy of Science, H
Cidete Ingenieros SL, E
Nanovector srl, IT
Malvern Instruments Ltd., UK
Thales SA, FR
Dr Dermot Brougham
01.02.2013 - 31.01.2016
5.2 million euro
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Funding Programme: 
  • FP7-NMP


Dr Dermot Brougham, Dublin City University, IE

"We had an excellent idea and good partners, but no roadmap to a cohesive proposal and severe time pressure, accelopment showed us the way."

Dr Dermot Brougham, Dublin City University, IE