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Stage 2 proposal writing – when and how to get ready.

Did you or are you planning to submit a stage 1 proposal to one of the call topics below?  If so, get ready soon enough for stage 2! The EC typically communicates results within 3 months after the submission deadline. As time to the stage 2 submission deadline is tight, we recommend you start thinking about the next phase and upcoming steps as soon as possible. In the meantime, we keep our fingers crossed!

Summary of submission deadlines and publication of results.

We have compiled for you a summary table with submission deadlines and an approximation for the publication of the results. We have also added the number of months you will have to write your proposal for stage 2. If you are interested in more information, you will find a detailed list of stage 2 calls and their deadlines at the end of the article.

Call Submission deadline stage 1Results publication (approximation) Submission deadline stage 2Number of months for proposal writing  
Health24.09.2019January 202007.04.20203 months
NMBP12.12.2019February 202014.05.20203 months
Transport09.01.2019April 202008.09.20205 months
Food security22.01.2020April 202008.09.20204 months
Climate13.02.2020May 202003.09.20203 months
Innovation in SMEs02.04.2020June 202008.09.20203 months
Science for Society15.04.2020July 202017.11.20204 months

How to get ready for stage 2 proposal writing?

Ideally, your consortium meets face-to-face or in a web conference shortly after the publication. You may wish to schedule a date and time for this now to ensure that all your project partners are available. From our experience, these are the points to think of when starting the preparation of the full proposal:

You can find more information about calls and their submission deadlines below.

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What accelopment offers

accelopment speaks from experience as we have been involved in successful stage 2 proposal writing for several projects, including CHEOPS (LCE – competitive Low-Carbon Energy) and EURO SHOCK (PM = Personalised Medicine / Health).  There is still time to contact us and get us on board to support you in the proposal writing process, and why not for project management and communication, dissemination and exploitation activities?  Get in touch with our experts: Dr. Johannes Ripperger (NMBP, Energy), Dr. Jeanette Müller and Marco Cavallaro (remaining topics).

List of 2-stage calls and their submission dates.

SC1- Health, demographic change and wellbeing

CallStage 1Stage 2
SC1-BHC-08-2020: New interventions for Non-Communicable Diseases (RIA)24.09.201907.04.2020
SC1-BHC-24-2020: Healthcare interventions for the management of the elderly multimorbid patient (RIA)24.09.201907.04.2020
SC1-BHC-29-2020: Innovative actions for improving urban health and wellbeing – addressing environment, climate and socioeconomic factors (RIA)24.09.201907.04.2020
SC1-DTH-13-2020: Implementation research for scaling up and transfer of innovative solutions involving digital tools for people-centred care (RIA)24.09.201907.04.2020

Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced Manufacturing and Processing

CallStage 1Stage 2
DT-NMBP-04-2020: Open Innovation Test Beds for nano-enabled bio-basedmaterials (IA)12.12.201914.05.2020
DT-NMBP-05-2020: Open Innovation Test Beds for materials for buildingenvelopes (IA)12.12.201914.05.2020
DT-NMBP-06-2020: Open Innovation Test Beds for nano-pharmaceuticalsproduction (IA)12.12.201914.05.2020
DT-NMBP-11-2020: Open Innovation Platform for Materials Modelling (RIA)12.12.201914.05.2020
DT-NMBP-40-2020: Creating an open market place for industrial data (RIA)12.12.201914.05.2020
NMBP-16-2020:  Safe by design, from science to regulation:multi-component nanomaterials (RIA)12.12.201914.05.2020
NMBP-35-2020: Towards harmonised characterisation protocols in NMBP (RIA) 12.12.201914.05.2020
BIOTEC-06-2020: Reprogrammed microorganisms for biological sensors (IA)12.12.201914.05.2020
BIOTEC-07-2020: Multi-omics for genotype-phenotype associations (RIA)12.12.201914.05.2020
CE-BIOTEC-09-2020: Upcycling Bio Plastics of food and drinks packaging(RIA)12.12.201914.05.2020
DT-NMBP-23-2020: Next generation organ-on-chip (RIA-LS)12.12.201914.05.2020
NMBP-21-2020: Biological scaffolds for tissue regeneration and repair (RIA) 12.12.201914.05.2020

SC4: Smart, green and integrated transport

CallStage 1Stage 2
LC-MG-1-12-2020: Cities as climate-resilient, connected multimodal nodesfor smart and clean mobility: new approaches towards demonstrating andtesting innovative solutions (IA)09.01.202008.09.2020
LC-MG-1-13-2020: Decarbonising long distance shipping (RIA)09.01.202008.09.2020
LC-MG-1-14-2020: Understanding and mitigating the effects on publichealth of emerging non-regulated nanoparticle emissions issues and noise(RIA)09.01.202008.09.2020
MG-2-10-2020: Enhancing coordination between Member States’ actions inthe area of infrastructure research with a particular focus on biodiversityand ameliorating environmental impacts and full automated infrastructureupgrade and maintenance (RIA)09.01.202008.09.2020
MG-2-11-2020: Network and traffic management for future mobility (RIA)09.01.202008.09.2020
MG-2-12-2020: Improving road safety by effectively monitoring working patternsand overall fitness of drivers (RIA)09.01.202008.09.2020

SC2 – Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime and inland water research and the bio-economy

CallStage 1Stage 2
SFS-01-2018-2019-2020: Biodiversity in action: across farmland and thevalue chain (RIA) 2.01.202008.09.2020
SFS-02-2020: Healthy terrestrial livestock microbial ecosystems forsustainable production (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
SFS-05-2018-2019-2020: New and emerging risks to plant health (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
SFS-10-2020: Epidemiology of non-EU-regulated contagious animal diseases:from integrated data collection to prioritisation (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
SFS-13-2020: Genome and epigenome enabled breeding in terrestriallivestock (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
SFS-21-2020: Emerging challenges for soil management: Soil biodiversityassessment OR use of plastic in agriculture (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
LC-SFS-22-2020 : Forest soils Research and Innovation Action (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
CE-SFS-36-2020: Diversifying revenue in rural Africa through bio-basedsolutions (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
SFS-30-2018-2019-2020: Agri-Aqua Labs (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
SFS-35-2019-2020: Sustainable Intensification in Africa (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
SFS-40-2020: Healthy soils for healthy food production (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
BG-10-2020: Fisheries in the full ecosystem context (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
BG-11-2020: Towards a productive, healthy, resilient, sustainable andhighly-valued Black Sea (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
RUR-21-2020: Agricultural markets and international trade in the contextof sustainability objectives (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
CE-RUR-08-2018-2019-2020: Closing nutrient cycles (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
LC-RUR-11-2019-2020: Sustainable wood value chains (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
FNR-05-2020: Husbandry for quality (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
FNR-11-2020: Prospecting aquatic and terrestrial natural biologicalresources for biologically active compounds (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
FNR-12-2020: Industrial microbiomes – learning from nature (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
FNR-16-2020: Enzymes for more environment-friendly consumer products(RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020
LC-FNR-13-2020: Bio-based industries leading the way in turning carbondioxide emissions into chemicals  (RIA)22.01.202008.09.2020

SC5: Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials

CallStage 1Stage 2
LC-CLA-10-2020: Scientific support to designing mitigation pathways andpolicies (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-11-2020: Innovative nature-based solutions for carbon neutralcities and improved air quality (IA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-12-2020: Advancing climate services (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-13-2020: Climate resilience of European coastal cities andsettlements (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-14-2020: Understanding climate-water-energy-food nexus andstreamlining water-related policies (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-15-2020: Forest Fires risk reduction: towards an integrated firemanagement approach in the E.U. (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-16-2020: Multi-hazard risk management for risk-informeddecision-making in the E.U. (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-17-2020: Polar climate: understanding the polar processes in aglobal context in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-18-2020:  Developing the next generation of Earth SystemModels (RIA-LS)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-19-2020: Integrated GEOSS climate applications to supportadaptation andmitigation measures of the Paris Agreement (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
LC-CLA-20-2020: Supporting the implementation of GEOSS in the Arctic incollaboration with Copernicus (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
SC5-10-2019-2020: Raw materials innovation actions: exploration and Earthobservation in support of sustainable mining (IA)13/02/202003/09/2020
CE-SC5-24-2020: Improving the sorting, separation and recycling ofcomposite and multi-layer materials (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
CE-SC5-25-2020: Understanding the transition to a circular economy andits implications on the environment, economy and society (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
SC5-27-2020: Strengthening international collaboration: enhanced naturaltreatment solutions for water security and ecological quality in cities (RIA) 13/02/202003/09/2020
CE-SC5-28-2020: Develop and pilot circular systems in plastics, textilesand furniture sectors (IA)13/02/202003/09/2020
CE-SC5-30-2020: Plastics in the environment: understanding the sources,transport, distribution and impacts of plastics pollution (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020
SC5-32-2020: Addressing wild pollinators decline and its effects onbiodiversity and ecosystem services (RIA)13/02/202003/09/2020

Innovation in SMEs

CallStage 1Stage 2
INNOSUP-01-2018-2020: Cluster facilitated projects for new industrialvalue chains (IA)02.04.202008.09.2020

Science with and for Society

CallStage 1Stage 2
SwafS-01-2018-2019-2020: Open schooling and collaboration on scienceeducation (CSA)15.04.202017.11.2020
SwafS-24-2020: Science education outside the classroom (RIA)15.04.202017.11.2020