Testimonial Efficient management of an EU project requires experience in finances, reporting & administration. accelopment structures proposal writing into manageable steps.
Prof. Katharina Stärk
PILGRIM Project Coordinator, RISKSUR Project Partner
Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office, Switzerland (previously Safoso AG, Switzerland / Royal Veterinary College, United Kingdom)

Data Protection Policy

What data management systems does accelopment use?

We use a “dual IT infrastructure” with a Microsoft Exchange Server, a web server for company purposes and a web server primarily for project specific purposes.

Who are the suppliers (data processors) contracted by accelopment?

Leuthold Computer Services AG, Switzerland – Provides file servers and a Microsoft Exchange Server (mail server) for accelopment that are hosted in a data center in Switzerland.

MSG|media – Schampera Günther GbR, Germany – Provides web services on the accelopment web server (see below).

Tiksys GmbH, Germany – Provides the web server, hosted in a data centre in Germany, for accelopment. The following applications are installed on the web server:

  • Drupal and WordPress for (project) websites
  • Sympa for project mailing lists
  • accelCLOUD, a document sharing facility, for document management in proposals and projects.

How do we ensure data security?

Our file servers, the Microsoft Exchange Server and web servers are managed by experienced IT companies and are hosted in protected data centres. Data stored on all servers are 128-bit encrypted. Software is kept up-to-date by service providers, ensuring that the latest security standards are met.

The file server is secured by two-factor authentication, allowing access only to accelopment employees.

Access to accelCLOUD is protected by Transport Layer Security (TLS), ensuring the connection between our web server and the user is properly encrypted and kept private. Additionally, accelCLOUD acts as a secure file repository and can be used, for example, as a secure alternative to attaching files to emails.

How do we process data during proposal preparation and in running EU projects?

In the process of preparing a grant proposal or when we support administration and dissemination tasks in running EU projects, our data processing is two-folded:

1) We collect and store data on members of the project consortium on our servers. This information is communicated directly to us in writing and may include names, positions, emails and telephone numbers as well as project partner profiles. The information is stored for the duration of the contractual agreement. For proposal writing this means until a project has been either funded or rejected. For a running EU project this means 5 years after the last payment of balance.

2) We collect and store data on scientific content on behalf of the project consortium on our server. This may include descriptions of science, its impact and how the project is implemented. This latter type of data does not include any personal data or information that can lead back to the identification of any person.

How is data processed on accelCLOUD?

accelCLOUD is a secure online document management platform provided by accelopment.

The platform provides our clients with a password-protected online folder structure to share documents between partners in projects. The accelCLOUD also provides a calendar for easier coordination between project partners. If a client or project consortium wishes to use accelCLOUD, the following use terms apply:

1) accelopment assumes the role of administrator of the system. This includes creating a restricted-access folder structure exclusively for the use of the project partners. It also includes granting access rights to project partners through personalised accounts. To fulfil these tasks to the satisfaction of all parties, accelopment relies fully on the truthful and accurate information communicated to us by the project coordinator and project partners. We do not take any responsibility for inaccurate or outdated access rights, as well as structural errors occurring as a result of inaccurate, outdated or misinterpreted information sent to us from project partners.

2) accelopment acts as the data processor in accelCLOUD for the project coordinator and project partners. This means that accelopment does not take responsibility for the data which partners upload to accelCLOUD. The structure of accelCLOUD provides a safety feature allowing only for partners to delete or modify their own information, which they have uploaded themselves. Only system administrators (accelopment staff) hold the access rights to delete or modify data which has been uploaded by any partner.

3) Users of accelCLOUD may at any time ask us to delete all personal data available on accelCLOUD (Right to be forgotten).