To me, working with researchers who are tackling today’s global challenges and supporting them in bringing their ideas and solutions closer to society is extremely exciting.
Dr. Wei-Wei Lee
Project Communications Associate
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Dr. Wei-Wei Lee

Project Communications Associate

Wei-Wei supports accelopment’s partners in communicating and disseminating their research, an interest she developed during her academic career in General Linguistics (PhD at the University of Zurich, CH). Before joining the team, Wei-Wei gained valuable experience in project management and communication while running a webcast series with experts ranging from journalists to academics for a non-profit organisation. Combining this experience with her linguistic sensitivity, she is dedicated to finding the most compelling and effective ways to bring a message across to the target audience. Wei-Wei grew up bilingually with Dutch and Mandarin and adapts to people, cultures and environments with ease thanks to her fieldwork experiences abroad.


Eye for detail, reliability, creativity


Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation


+41 44 455 66 00


AreaLife Sciences
Duration01.09.2022 – 31.8.2027
Budget6.5 million euro