I deeply enjoy building bridges between people and making science available to all. Being surrounded by people that push the boundaries of what’s possible motivates me every day.
Sara Rodriguez
Project Manager Communications
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Sara Rodriguez

Project Manager Communications

Sara is involved in communication activities for all stages of the EU projects, from planning and developing to implementation. Leveraging her experience in academia, she is familiar with a wide range of scientific topics (such as materials, energy, AI and cybersecurity) and deeply enjoys making science available to all, by translating abstract and highly specialised concepts into something that everybody can understand. With several years of experience as a docent, she also delivers training workshops in science communication and storytelling. Sara is multilingual (Spanish-Catalan-English-German-French) and holds an MEd in Science Communication, Education and Policy (State University of New York, USA).


Enthusiasm, critical thinking, curiosity


Project Management Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation Training


+41 44 455 66 00