Testimonial Writing a H2020 proposal is an enormous task and requires not only excellent science but also substantial experience in proposal writing. accelopment also provides useful assistance in terms of project management and communication.
Dr. Ekaterine Berishvili
VANGUARD Project Coordinator,
University of Geneva, Switzerland

Project Support for Health projects in SC1-BHC-06-2020

Project management and dissemination support
for your H2020 Health initiative

Have you been one of the lucky percent? See the detailed H2020 Health call statistics in our blog.

The 26 health-specific calls in “Digital Transformation in Health and Care (DTH)” and “Better Health and Care (BHC)” with a submission deadline in June 2020 offered the last opportunities for projects on health-related topics under Horizon 2020. If you are one of the lucky top percent (read our blog on the fierce competition in these calls), you have already started your grant preparations and are getting ready to kick-off your project within the next few months.

Your project is an immense opportunity but also a great challenge. Coordinating and managing your Horizon 2020 project is an extensive and time-consuming task and disseminating your results to the targeted audiences requires adequate planning and dedication. As an experienced partner in both, project management and dissemination, we aim to support the coordinator and the whole consortium to make sure they can commit time and effort to their research and business opportunities.

With our company being located in Switzerland and Germany, we can get involved in your project as a project partner for project management support, supporting the Coordinator in its tasks according to Art. 41.2 of the EC GA or, or as an external service provider for selected non-core tasks.

Our multi-disciplinary and highly qualified staff has many years of experience in EU and national funded projects in Health, ICT and other areas. We are currently involved as a Beneficiary or Partner Organisation in more than 17 funded projects, including the Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) EURO SHOCK, VANGUARD and EXIMIOUS funded under the H2020 Health programme as well as the new Innovation Action ENVISION that has received funding under the emergency funding action coronavirus SARS-CoV-2-outbreak (PHE-CORONAVIRUS). More of our successful projects are listed under funded projects.

Contact us directly for a non-binding discussion via email or phone if you are interested to find out more on how we could support you and your project specifically and if we are the right fit for you.

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Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation

Your EU project and your research results are expected to have an impact on current societal challenges, Europe`s innovation capacity and competitiveness. Communication, dissemination and exploitation activities are essential in achieving these objectives. Many of these activities require specific skills such as graphic design, communication strategy development and science communication writing. We have this skill-set.



Results of last H2020 Health call out – what`s next?

Whether you are starting the grant agreement preparation or thinking about resubmission opportunities, we can help you materialise your project ideas.



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