Testimonial With a lot of work as coordinator, accelopment helped me every time when I needed it, at any time of the day or night.
Prof. Przemyslaw Data
EXCILIGHT Project Coordinator,
Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Grant Finance Support

Master finances in your Horizon 2020 project or SME Instrument/EIC grant.

The financial management of grants is different to normal accounting practices. It follows the financial rules of the funding agency for a specific funding scheme. These can vary from programme to programme. For example, in Horizon 2020 (H2020), companies typically cannot claim VAT, whereas universities can as they cannot reclaim them from their tax departments. VAT are thus ineligible costs whereas taxes on airline tickets are eligible for funding. Moreover, Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) and Coordination and Support Actions  (CSA) are 100% funded when Innovation Actions (IA) are only 70%  funded.

Our Grant Finance Support (GFS) service will help you answer financial questions and facilitate the financial management of your SME Instrument Phase 2 or EIC Accelerator grant.  We have executed the financial management of EU funded projects for many years. Our tasks typically range from the maintenance of a project specific financial monitoring system, continuous controlling and the correct distribution of the EU funding to advice on the appropriate use of resources and the compilation of the financial project reports. We consider ourselves a “first, second and third level hotline” for all project partners when it comes to financial questions about Horizon 2020, Eurostars and other grants.

We at accelopment are also experienced in the financial management of grants within companies, for example from the first SME Instrument Phase 2 project of a Swiss company, TEEWood at Swiss Wood Solutions AG, we have developed three modules that offer support during different phases of your funded project – at the project start, when preparing the reporting report and at the project end, or throughout your project implementation with our tailor-made consulting.


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We have financial experts with experience in both company settings and EU projects who can combine requirements effectively.

Johannes Ripperger


We will get your project on the right financial track and avoid you any surprises later on. More specifically, you will:

Format: webinar of 2 hours.


We will provide guidance to facilitate the financial report at the end of each reporting period (RP). You will learn how to:

Format: two online Q&A sessions.

Module AUDIT

We will support you to get you Certificate on Financial Statement (CFS) to complete the project financial process at the end of the project. Thanks to this module, you will:

Format: two virtual meetings of 2 hours each.

Tailor-made consulting

We develop highly individualised consulting sessions depending on your need. With this module, you will:

Format: to be discussed together.

Project Management

The management of your EU project requires specific skills. From submitting deliverables on the EC portal to coordinating reporting for the entire consortium, an efficient implementation of your project is work. We can support you in this task, either as a project partner (beneficiary), a service provider or a subcontractor.



From H2020 to Horizon Europe – a closer look at the new Grant Agreement

When your project is selected for EU funding, the Grant Agreement (a funding contract between the European Commission and the project consortium) is a prerequisite for the project to start. The new framework programme Horizon Europe has brought key changes to the Model Grant Agreement.



I am proud to be part of accelopment Switzerland, which helps innovators and scientists creating necessary solutions for a brighter future.

Michel Eckle
Finance Support