Project Description

Recent technological progresses in imaging and visualisation technologies have brought immersive visual solutions for safety-critical applications close to becoming reality. However, in order to successfully exploit the full potential of these technologies in real-life applications, it is crucial that the solutions comply with strict robustness and reliability requirements and that their design puts the human user centre stage. ImmerSAFE aims to develop a robust and reliable new imaging technology to be used in existing solutions and frameworks in mobile industrial work machines and emergency response, taking into account human factors affecting adoption and safety matters.


In many contexts – heavy work machines, emergency response, control centres - human operators face complex and demanding situations where their decisions can have far-reaching consequences on productivity, environment, and human lives. To deal with such challenges, the operator needs full situational awareness, which can be achieved by sensing relevant visual data about the operating environment, refining it into mission-critical information, and presenting it in an immersive, intuitively comprehensible manner. This can be accomplished by Immersive Visual Technologies (IVT) delivering ultra-realistic and interactive visual experience.
The aim of ImmerSAFE is to train multi-disciplinary experts, who have an understanding of the core imaging technologies, the requirements set to them by the safety-critical applications and who can account for the human user in the design of such systems. We will advance the state of the art by (1) Developing new robust and reliable IVT; in particular novel approaches to sensing, visualisation and reliable data transmission. (2) Determining optimal implementation of IVT under challenging conditions and integration into existing frameworks in two example use cases. (3) Increasing knowledge on the human factors affecting the adoption and use of IVT through user experience testing, task performance metrics and organisational level studies.
To achieve our ambitious goals, we have brought together a unique combination of leading academic technology and psychology experts as well as high-tech SMEs, industry and end-users.


Our Role

accelopment is a Partner Organisation in ImmerSAFE and contributes to the ESRs training with a funding opportunity & Grant writing course.

Project Details

Tampere University of Technology, FI
Tampere University of Technology
University of Zagreb
University of Roma Tre
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Mälardalen University
Leonardo S.P.A.
CrossControl AB
Xylon d.o.o.
Beneq Oy
accelopment AG (Partner Organisation)
Prof. Atanas Gotchev
01.01.2018 – 31.12.2021
3.96 million euro
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Proposal Writing
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  • H2020-MSCA-ITN