Testimonial Excellent project proposals require the best from scientists and industry, but also skills of highly experienced EC proposal writers, and that is where accelopment excels.
Prof. Dr. Leonard O’Sullivan
Robo-Mate & XoSoft Project Partner
University of Limerick, Ireland

Proposal Writing

Write a competitive proposal.

Our team has over 25 years of experience in proposal writing, obtaining grants in various research areas and industries – from Life Sciences and Energy to ICT. We are specialised in EU funding schemes, including Horizon 2020 and EUREKA Eurostars.

We have been involved in collaborative projects including Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Actions (RIA), Innovation Actions (IA) and Coordination and Support Actions (CSA), as well as in Innovative Training Networks (ITN), like European Training Networks (ETN) and European Industrial Doctorates (EID).

Whether you are applying to a call for the first time, re-applying, or even if you are in stage 2 of a two-stage proposal, we can help you write a competitive research and innovation proposal.


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Administrative forms

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Innovative Training Network (ITN) specific support

Negotiating your grant primarily involves a range of administrative tasks, including the provision of organisational, financial and legal information that will structure the implementation of your project. We usually accomplish these tasks in cooperation with the individual project partners` central offices and reduce your efforts to the absolute minimum.



Improve your ITN proposal writing skills with hands-on training and practical examples

Various seminars offer advise on the preparation of ITNs. We highlight, what makes us different, how we approach things and who should attend.



My passion is to work with highly skilled scientists and innovative thinkers from industry and academia to build solutions for a sustainable future.

Dr. Jeanette Müller