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Individualised EU Funding Coaching

Discover new funding schemes for your R&D and innovation projects.

There are endless opportunities out there to support research and development (R&D) in your company, the European Union alone supports 200 such programmes every year. In addition, there are numerous national programmes to support innovation activities in the private sector.

European companies of any size, be it small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or large companies, and from almost all industries can receive national and European grants that are non-repayable. A prerequisite for national projects is often cooperation with a university, while EU projects typically require cooperation with at least one European partner.

In recent years, the most popular EU research and innovation programmes have been the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator, EUREKA-Eurostars and COSME. With the start of the EU`s new Framework Programme Horizon Europe, we expect the continued EIC Accelerator scheme to remain highly oversubscribed.

EU Funding Coaching for your company

To identify the best suitable funding opportunity for your innovative project ideas, technology and product development, it is critical to assess a variety of funding programmes based on their requirements, complexity, chances of success and other factors. In our EU Funding Coaching, we provide professional consultancy for your company in dedicated one-to-one meetings to discuss your specific project(s).

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We translate complex funding schemes in a clear way.

Jeanette Müller

EU Funding Coaching for companies

Individualised, hands-on and flexible online coaching on funding and cooperation opportunities for your company, tailored to your needs.

Target audience

CEOs and Managing Directors, Head R&D and Innovation Managers of technology-driven SMEs and large companies from all industries and sectors.


In one-hour individual meetings, we will discuss your specific projects and focus on the following:


Jeanette Müller, Johannes Ripperger, Marco Cavallaro


Since 2008, we have offered this business-targeted coaching together with professional associations, clusters, incubators and regional economic development agencies as well as our cooperation partners, including:

Many one-to-one meetings from these company days have resulted in EU-funded R&D projects, such as OPTO-BRAIN, MAXCOATEnerdice, DLX and MiniLib.

Strategic Grant Planning (SGP)

We will support you in identifying the best funding scheme for your idea and in planning your grant applications for the upcoming years. We have expertise from the Horizon 2020 programme, including MSCA ITNs, FET OPEN, EIC accelerator (formerly SME instrument) to Eurostar and national funding. SGP is individualised and based on your needs. You will interact with one of our experts via online and a half- or full-day face-to-face meetings.



EIC Transition – new funding opportunity to advance your FET results

Both, the FET Innovation Launchpad (Horizon 2020) and the EIC Transition (Horizon Europe), have the goal to support the exploitation of results from FET projects. However, the instruments have key differences you should be aware of.



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