Testimonial accelopment was the key to our success in garnering funding for the PEARRL project; we are looking forward to their continued support as the project progresses.
Prof. Jennifer Dressman
PEARRL Project Partner
Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Germany

Project Management

Manage your EU funded project efficiently.

The management and administration of your EU grant require a broad skill set and practical experience. Our multidisciplinary team has the necessary skills and follows the Open PM² management methodology used by the European Commission.

We have many years of EU project management experience from several EU Framework Programmes for Research and Innovation, including Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe initiatives, in which we assume responsibility for a wide range of management support activities from administrative tasks in the EU Funding and Tenders Portal and compilation of reports to quality and risk management to innovation management actions.

We have supported dozens of EU project coordinators and consortia in all tasks related to project management, either as a project partner, partner organisation or associated partner, or service provider. For example, we have been involved in many collaborative projects, including Research and Innovation Actions (RIA), Innovation Actions (IA), Coordination and Support Action (CSA), as well as in Innovative Training Networks (ITNs), now called Doctoral Networks (DNs).

As there are significant synergies between project management support and outreach activities, we typically assume responsibility for both. For example, we organise project meetings and combine these with dissemination events, we arrange consortium-internal communication so that external stakeholders can be involved when needed, and we integrate exploitation activities in the innovation management process.

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Johannes Ripperger

Organisation and administration

Finances and reporting

Quality and risk management

Data and contracts management

Innovation Management

We facilitate the innovation management in EU-funded projects by following the ISO 56002:2019 standard and using support tools that have been developed by us particularly for H2020 and Horizon Europe projects. Our innovation management service covers:



We work with custom-made accelTOOLS to support EU-funded projects. All three project management tools are based on our experience from over 100 projects throughout Europe and facilitate timely and agile project management.

Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation

Your EU project and your research results are expected to have an impact on current societal challenges, Europe`s innovation capacity and competitiveness. Communication, dissemination and exploitation activities are essential in achieving these objectives. Many of these activities require specific skills such as graphic design, communication strategy development and science communication writing. We have this skill-set.



Cash flow in Horizon Europe projects – from pre-financing, interim to final payments

The most common project types in Horizon Europe, IAs and RIAs, typically receive EU fudning of 4-10 million euro. Although the project budgets and durations can vary significantly, the cash flow in all these projects follows the same rules. We like to share our knowledge and experience in financial management, including calculating payments to partners and monitoring the cash flow at project and partner levels.



Innovation is key for tackling current and future challenges. Helping accelopment in its goal to support innovators is an exciting task and gives purpose to my work.

Yannic Fechtig
Innovation & Digitalisation Associate