Testimonial Sharpening a scientifically appealing idea with a highly motivated, professional, and dynamic accelopment team is one of the key elements to scale-up success in Horizon Europe proposals.
Prof. Eren Erdal Aksoy
ROADVIEW Project Coordinator
Halmstad University, Sweden


Accelerate the European digital transformation with your research and innovation.

The digital age and the fifth industrial revolution have become reality. Digital technologies shape all sectors of the European economy and affect each citizen’s daily routine. Yet, there is still a lot to learn and to do. To this end, the European Commission declared human-centric digital transformation a priority to make Europe fit for the digital age and thus developed a Digital Strategy which strongly influences numerous funding schemes for research and innovation.

The main funding programme is Horizon Europe. Its 2nd Pillar includes Cluster 4, Digital, Industry and Space which covers all areas of digitalisation, reaching from quantum technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to advanced computing and Big Data with the aim of building a competitive, digital, low-carbon industry. Additionally, digitalisation is a cross-cutting element in many other instruments of Horizon Europe, including Health, Green Deal and other areas. The objective of all research and innovation funding provided through Cluster 4 is to intervene in the following areas:

Together with academic, public and private-sector partners from all over Europe, we at accelopment have been supporting the digital transformation by making automated driving robust in extreme weather (ROADVIEW) and developing next-generation biosensors (SYNSENSO) and are working with new consortia using digital technologies for breast cancer screening (ThermoBreast) and solar energy solutions (SOLARX), among other digitalisation projects.

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Jeanette Müller

Funded Project

AreaEnvironment, ICT
Duration01.01.2024 – 31.12.2028
Budget1.91 million euro


Digitalisation: Virtually everywhere?

The EU`s funding programme Horizon Europe facilitates the digitalisation process by supporting the discovery and development of innovative ICT technologies and their deployment in a wide range of application areas, in the dedicated Cluster 4 focused on Digital, Industry and Space, but also in Health and Climate, Energy and Mobility.



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