Testimonial Succeeding in European projects does not only require scientific excellence but also the best professionals in proposal writing, project management and communication.
Prof. Andrés de la Escosura
CORENET Project Coordinator
CLASSY Project Coordinator
Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain

Grant Preparation

Negotiate your grant successfully.

The grant preparation is a well structured process with tight deadlines and many administrative tasks. During this period, the funding agency and the successful applicant(s) negotiate the future contract, the grant agreement. For example, in Horizon 2020 (H2020), this process should take a maximum of 3 months according to the H2020 rules; however, sometimes and in practice this takes a bit longer.  Successful applicants are notified within 5 months of the proposal submission in H2020. This is the start of the grant preparation.

The negotiation process includes several steps – from the preparation of the updated proposal to the signing of the grant agreement – and requires the project coordinator and its project partners to fulfill a range of formal requirements. For example, first-time participants to H2020 need to be registered and validated by the European Commission Services.

We at accelopment have completed many grant preparations successfully, in H2020 and previous EU Framework Programmes, Eurostars and others. Our experts know the process off by heart, can anticipate likely bottlenecks and are able to gather all the necessary information and to complete the required forms within a tight timeframe.


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Project Management

The management of your EU project requires specific skills. From submitting deliverables on the EC portal to coordinating reporting for the entire consortium, an efficient implementation of your project is work. We can support you in this task, either as a project partner (Beneficiary), a service provider or a subcontractor.



Improve your ITN proposal writing skills with hands-on training and practical examples

Various seminars offer advise on the preparation of ITNs. We highlight, what makes us different, how we approach things and who should attend.



My main goal is to relieve the scientists of their workload so that they can fully concentrate on their projects, and with our support, tackle the challenges of the future.

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