Project Description

The PROHEALTH project will develop an understanding of the multi-factorial dimension of animal pathologies linked to the intensification of production and use this to develop, evaluate and disseminate effective control strategies to reduce impact.


The project will address production diseases of pigs and poultry raised in a wide range of EU intensive systems, using both epidemiological and experimental approaches to consider the extent of, and the risk factors associated with diseases, the influence of genotype and its modification by early life experience, and the dynamic influences of the environment on disease. The mechanisms underlying differences in disease susceptibility will be explored at different levels. Improvement strategies for diseases including neo-natal mortality, gut and respiratory disorders, leg and metabolic disorders will be evaluated in farm scale tests, and data from diverse systems used to model whole-chain socioeconomic implications of disease states and their alleviation.

Project Details

Newcastle University, UK
accelopment AG, CH
Aviagen Ltd, UK
Conseil et Compétences en Productions Animales (CCPA Group), FR
Coren S.C.G., ES
European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders, NL
Ghent University, BE
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), FR
JSR Genetics Ltd, UK
MTT Agrifood Research Finland, FI
Poultry Health Services Ltd, UK
PigCHAMP Pro Europa S.L., ES
The Danish Agriculture & Food Council, The Pig Research Centre, DK
The University of Nottingham, UK
Tivix Europe SP ZOO, PL
University of Copenhagen, DK
University of Reading, UK
Vedanko BVBA, BE
Veterinary Research Institute, CZ
Vitatrace Nutrition Ltd, CY
Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW), PL
Zoetis International Services Sas, FR
Prof Ilias Kyriazakis
01.12.2013 – 30.11.2018
11.9 million euro
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