Project Description

This project aims to scale up the Swiss Ebony technology, for an extensive exploitation of the wooden musical instruments market and also to enter other application fields such as wooden sports equipment. Swiss Ebony is a special combination of chemical and physical treatments of domestic woods from sustainably managed European forests. Products are built from a technically augmented wood material that can serve as an environmental friendly and completely legal alternative to endangered and partially illegal tropical woods. The new technology has already been very well received and widely applauded by media featuring articles in NZZ, EMPA, Bio-based News,,, or Schreiner Zeitung.


An increasing number of tropical wood species, such as Ebony, Granadilla, Mahogany, Paubrasilia, Snake-wood, Rosewood, Padouk, Bubinga and many more, which are used for the manufacturing of musical instruments and sports equipment, suffer from overexploitation. Some of these highly valuable wood species are nearly extinct. Furthermore, since most of such tropical wood species are highly branched trees that rarely exceed a height of 9m and a diameter of 0.3m, it takes 70-200 years to attain a usable size of acceptable quality. A sustainable cultivation of such wood species is therefore highly cost-intensive and incredibly time-consuming, which is not feasible in the coming decades or even centuries. Therefore, the availability of the accordant high quality wood has drastically declined over the last centuries and there is no improvement in sight in the coming decades and centuries.
The solution to the above-mentioned problem and the market need is entirely met by the product line Swiss Ebony. The product comprises a technically augmented wood material (100% wood, not composite, no plastic) that can serve as an environmental friendly and completely legal alternative to endangered (and partially illegal) tropical woods.

Project Details

accelopment AG, CH (service provider)
ETH Zurich, CH (service provider)
Empa Dübendorf, CH (service provider)
01.02.2018 - 31.01.2020
1.5 million euro
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