Project Description

The TRAIN-ASAP project is dedicated to the scientific and professional training of 14 early-stage researchers with the aim to develop novel antibacterial solutions for humans and animals. It will focus on filling the current gap between the burden of infections due to resistant bacteria and the strong need for alternative solutions to combat antibiotic resistance.


TRAIN-ASAP addresses a very urgent public health issue. The lack of effective antibacterial drugs against resistant bacteria poses a serious threat to human health and has huge economical consequences to the health-care system. Therefore, young researchers will be trained in scientific and complementary skills needed to implement a broad range of antibacterial approaches. 
The training programme is characterized by a unique innovative and multidisciplinary approach based on the use of front line research tools in molecular biology, combinatorial chemistry and in vivo pharmacology.

Project Details

University of Copenhagen, DK
accelopment AG, CH (service provider)
University of Warwick, UK
Wageningen University, NL
KtedoGen srl, IT
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, ES
Da Volterra, FR
Zoetis France, FR
Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre, B
Prof Luca Guadabassi
01.01.2012 - 31.12.2015
3.5 million euro
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Funding Programme: 
  • FP7-ITN
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Prof Luca Guadabassi, University of Copenhagen, DK

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Prof Luca Guadabassi, University of Copenhagen, DK