Project Description

MiniLib is an EUREKA Eurostars 2 project, which aims at developing a system that performs pipette-free nucleic acid clean-up to deliver a novel simple and flexible liquid handling automation solution that will allow laboratories to save time, costs and precious sample material in the process of library preparation.

MiniLib will be enabled by a new to the market combination of the “I-DOT” technology of the Dispendix GmbH, Germany with a novel bead-based clean-up approach invented by the Hombrechtikon Systems Engineering AG, Switzerland.


Library preparation for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) requires nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) purification steps that are tedious and error prone if performed manually. Existing automation solutions are expensive, slow, difficult to adapt to different workflows (frequently required especially in R&D laboratories), require large instruments and are prone to sample loss.

The goal of the MiniLib project is to develop a novel miniaturised and easy-to-use automated liquid handling solution for nucleic acid clean-up steps in NGS workflows. Therefore, MiniLib responds to a market demand for more flexible and modular automation solutions than the existing large scale all-in-one systems, for which adaptations in the workflow are possible, but cost and labour intensive.

Project Details

Hombrechtikon Systems Engineering AG, CH
Dispendix GmbH, DE
01.10.2018 - 31.03.2020
1.26 million euro
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  • EUREKA-Eurostars 2