We have more than 75 years of joint experience in proposal writing and project management under Horizon Europe and other funding programmes.


My passion is to work with highly skilled scientists and innovative thinkers from industry and academia to build solutions for a sustainable future.

Dr. Jeanette Müller

I am passionate about collaborating with researchers and transforming their ideas into tangible solutions. Their gratefulness is what drives me to do an outstanding job.

Dr. Johannes Ripperger
Research & Innovation Manager

My main goal is to relieve the scientists of their workload so that they can fully concentrate on their projects, and with our support, tackle the challenges of the future.

Jacqueline Strehler
Research & Innovation Project Manager

By helping researchers and companies focus on their innovations, we contribute to addressing a wide range of global challenges. This alone makes our work rewarding and exciting.

Marco Cavallaro
Research & Innovation Project Manager

I enjoy collaborating together with highly motivated researchers and team members to bring complex and innovative ideas closer to their target audience.

Julia Götz
Project Manager Communications

My passion for science and communication brought me from the lab to accelopment Switzerland, where I enjoy helping researchers transform ideas into concrete progress.

Dr. Emily Rose Ciscato
Project Manager Communications

I enjoy bringing science to various audiences by translating complex data into engaging communication. Supporting researchers and contributing to a sustainable future motivates me.

Joanna Plesniak
Project Manager Communications

For me it is rewarding to help businesses and scientific institutions creating the future. We break down barriers towards a world full of knowledge, research and innovation.

Andreia Cruz
Research & Innovation Project Manager

After more than ten years in academia, I joined accelopment to support researchers in shaping their ideas into innovative solutions and train the next generation of scientists.

Dr. Jörn-Frederik Wotzlaw
Research & Innovation Project Manager

I am very enthusiastic about assignments in the knowledge communities where my goal is to catalyse innovation among research, industry, public institutions and market.

Ilona Cieslik
Research & Innovation Project Manager

To me, working with researchers who are tackling today’s global challenges and supporting them in bringing their ideas and solutions closer to society is extremely exciting.

Dr. Wei-Wei Lee
Project Communications Associate

Globally, we are confronted with new urgent challenges every day. Being able to support researchers by disseminating their solutions is as motivating as it is rewarding.

Jamuna Zarah Lea Siehler
Project Communications Associate

I enjoy collaborating with innovative R&D and high-tech partners. At accelopment, I appreciate working on inspiring projects, while sparking new thinking and contributing to sustainability.

Miriam Frances
Project Communications Associate

Being part of a team that helps scientists to make a positive impact on the challenges our society faces nowadays is the value that shapes my life.

Anastasiia Aksonova
Project Communications Associate

My goal is to enhance collaboration between stakeholders from different backgrounds, as I believe it is key to disruptive innovation that is up to today’s challenges.

Mario Ceccarelli
Project Communications Associate

When working together and sharing ideas with partners and the team, exciting projects come alive, motivating me for each new working day at accelopment Switzerland.

Denise Diggelmann
Marketing & Communications Associate

Being able to contribute to innovative projects and to support leading scientists who are addressing today’s major challenges is very gratifying and motivates me every day.

Michael Hönger
Project & Innovation Management Associate

Helping researchers and industry leaders to get the most out of their innovative projects which tackle current global challenges is something which brings me joy every day at accelopment.

Robin Vanneste
Business & Finance Associate

Enabling scientists to focus on research and thus contributing to innovative solutions to global challenges is what drives me every day.

Patrick Schneier
Project Assistant

accelopment Switzerland offers me challenging and varied work tasks in an exciting and innovative working environment, which make an important contribution to various projects

Moritz Aufdenblatten
Project Assistant

At accelopment, I enjoy working with people, who contribute to society and strive for constant development. This truly empowers me in life.

Anna Dovha
Project Assistant

I am passionate about supporting new innovative endeavors that offer exciting opportunities for the future.

A young lady with long blond hair looking at the camera with a quiet smile.Jovana Grkovic
Project Assistant

Making sure accelopment Switzerland provides researchers with the right tools, environment and support to complete their projects successfully is what motivates me.

Liam Colman
ICT Support

Innovation is key for tackling current and future challenges. Helping accelopment in its goal to support innovators is an exciting task and gives purpose to my work.

Yannic Fechtig
Support Finance and Business Administration

At accelopment I can help researchers with their Strategic Grant Planning by applying data driven automation processes to find the best funding opportunities.

Bernard Pranjic
Intern Research and Innovation