Testimonial The Supporting LIFE consortium are delighted to be working with accelopment, as their hands-on working experience of supporting such large scale, long term projects is invaluable in assisting us achieve our research objectives.
Dr. John O‘Donoghue
Supporting LIFE Project Coordinator
University College Cork, Ireland

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Novel Catheter Tracking System

NoCaTS will develop and industrialize Trackcath for safer and more accurate tracking of the catheter to reduce the use of x-ray and contrast dye, and cost reduction in health systems.

NoCaTS provides a revolutionary catheter tracking system with an integrated sensor applying the Trackcath method. The catheter visualization is normally performed with fluoroscopy, but the visualization of side branches is only possible with the use of contrast dye. The dye is flushed after 1 second, and for this reason, the surgeons need to make many injections using a big quantity of dye. Trackcath technology enables the tracking of a catheter respect to an anatomical landmark, e.g. the renal arteries.

Medyria AG



ProgrammeLLP-Leonardo da Vinci
Budget0.13 million euro

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