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Testimonial The accelopment team took with us a challenge to prepare a successful HORIZON EU proposal within an extremly short time, which was unimaginable for others. This was possible only through their professionalism, dedication and constant support that they showed us since the beginning of consortium forming until proposal submission.
Dr. Larisa Adamyan
ThermoBreast Project Coordinator
ThermoMind LTD, Israel

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An innovative non-contact and harmless screening modality set to change the course of breast cancer detection and patient monitoring

Female breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer worldwide. In 2020, the International Agency for Research on Cancer estimated more than 2.26 million new cases of breast cancer. Early detection is crucial to survival; recovery rates approach 90% when detected in early stages. National population-based cancer screening programmes in Europe currently implement 3 standard imaging modalities: mammography, ultrasound and MRI. The downsides of these screening methods include ionising radiation, high costs and high false positive rates in screening results.

ThermoBreast’s multidisciplinary consortium of 16 partners from 10 countries aims to contribute to EU’s Mission on Cancer and Beating Cancer Plan by drastically improving the prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer while reducing the burden on women and female patients and their families, health care professionals and others who are directly or indirectly affected by breast cancer.

ThermoBreast proposes a new solution for accurate, harmless and non-contact screening, equally applicable for all age groups and breast densities and capable of detecting pre-cancerous states. This risk-free screening technology, recently patented by the project coordinator ThermoMind LTD, can detect vascular anomalies and asymmetry, caused by cancerous growth. It combines innovative screening through multiple sensitive infrared sensors with advanced AI analysis of temporal dynamic thermal patterns. Through its patient-centred integrated diagnostics approach, this project converges intelligent computer vision, blood vessel extraction and tissue analysis with advanced information technology to deliver a medical class 1 device that will be validated in an international multicentre clinical study. To enhance stakeholder participation, ThermoBreast involves end users, SSH experts and a patient organisation in the co-creation of the new screening solution and assesses its health and socio-economic benefits as well as its cost effectiveness.

This project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 and 5.

ThermoBreast achieved the highest possible score (15 out of 15).

ThermoMind LTD, IL


Funded Project

AreaLife Sciences
Duration01.10.2022 - 31.01.2027
Budget2.56 million euro

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Alexandra Furio
Project Communications Associate