Testimonial Our four Early Stage Researchers in the NeoGel project got an insight into EU and other funding opportunities and benefited from accelopment`s many years of experience in European and other grants.
Prof. Andreas Heise
REFINE & NeoGel Project Coordinator, NanoCarb Project Partner
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland RCSI, Ireland

Research project management ESR training questionnaire

ESR training questionnaire - Research project management

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Grant Advice

The first step to a successful project is to identify the most appropriate funding programme for your idea. From Horizon Europe, to EUREKA and national fundings, we can help you.



Why knowledge on funding opportunities can enhance your ESRs’ career perspective

Identifying the right funding opportunity at the right time has become a critical skill in both academic and industry settings. Especially for less experienced, early-stage researchers, it remains challenging to keep track of suitable funding opportunities to pursue their career.



My passion for science and communication brought me from the lab to accelopment Switzerland, where I enjoy helping researchers transform ideas into concrete progress.

Dr. Emily Rose Ciscato
Project Manager Communications