We are more and more in need of modern technology and innovation to support and brighten life as we know it. In helping accelopment, I am helping the world.
Chris Yifan Lin
Project Assistant
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Chris Yifan Lin

Project Assistant

Yifan brings his highly analytical mind trained in mathematics (ETH Zurich, CH) and his empathetic approach honed during voluntary work with young and old to his position as Project Assistant at accelopment. Along with his interpersonal communication skills, fluency in three languages, English, German and Mandarin, and firm competence in Computer Science, Yifan’s hands-on approach and interest in technological advancements make him well suited to support administrative, management and communication activities in innovative projects. In parallel, Yifan will soon start his Bachelor in Banking and Finance (University of Zurich, CH).


Problem-solving, adaptability, creativity


Project Management Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation


+41 44 455 66 00