Testimonial Our vision, expertise and knowledge as consortium partners, combined with accelopment’s effective guiding throughout the drafting and submission, resulted in a successful project expected to deliver high impact to the sector.
Dr. Montse Daban
BRIGHT Project Coordinator
Biocat, la Fundació BioRegió de Catalunya, Spain

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Beyond tRansformative dIGitalisation of HealTh clusters

BRIGHT seeks to enhance the excellence of five world-class European Life Sciences and HealthTech industrial clusters through a European Strategic Cluster Partnership, to advance in their excellence to better support the ecosystems to master the challenges of digital transformation and increase their digital maturity, to help SMEs scale-up and be more competitive internationally, and to support the Digital Health value chain to unlock its potential. BRIGHT also strives to intensify cross-cluster and cross-sector cooperation between the partners and other ecosystems in Europe through the implementation of a unique and ambitious ClusterXchange scheme. The five European clusters are:

  1. Create a Strategic Partnership of world-class Life Sciences and Healthtech clusters aimed at strengthening the organisations’ excellence at managerial and operative levels.
  2. Build on the clusters’ own and complementary capacities and services to strengthen their services and develop and implement a joint portfolio of programs to better support SMEs within their ecosystems and across Europe.
  3. Promote cross-sector and cross-border collaboration on a European-wide scale, strengthening both clusters’ and SMEs’ ability to face the challenges of digital transformation.
  4. Support Digital Health SMEs in their specific challenges, thus contributing to the European strategy on Digitalisation of the Medical Technologies and Healthcare industry and the transformation of European healthcare systems.
  5. Develop and implement the “ClusterXchange” scheme, building immersive agendas of activities especially designed to satisfy the networking, learning and collaboration needs of clusters and stakeholders (both host and visiting organisations) from the partners’ ecosystems and across Europe.

The five European world-class clusters submitting this proposal have chosen to join forces and strategies towards the digital transformation of Life Sciences, Healthcare and the MedTech sector. SMEs realise that digitalisation will be at the core of all developments in the industry and there are gaps to cover as they enter this “digital reality”. Also, within the project’s ecosystems, digital health SMEs are a blooming area, with specific needs that also urge to be addressed.

To generate new added-value services, clusters make continuous efforts to grow in excellence through benchmarking and partnering with peer organisations, through training and mentoring. The BRIGHT consortium has been built with both goals in mind, fully aligned with the European Cluster Excellence Programme.

This project contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 9.

Biocat, la Fundacio BioRegio de Catalunya, ES


Funded Project

AreaLife Sciences
ProgrammeEUREKA-Eurostars 2
Duration01.10.2018 - 31.03.2020
Budget1.26 million euro

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