First Horizon Europe calls published: what about applicants from the UK and the Associated Countries?

While Horizon Europe has officially started, the association agreements between the European Commission on one side and the Horizon 2020 Associated Countries and the United Kingdom on the other, are still in an early phase. This raises the question about the current eligibility of these applicants.


Safety nets for Swiss and UK applicants to Horizon Europe

As negotiations on the association of the UK and Switzerland to Horizon Europe remain suspended, the UK and Swiss governments are committed to support successful UK- and Swiss-based applicants.


Swiss and UK project partners? What to expect when preparing your Horizon Europe proposal

Researchers and companies from Switzerland and the UK can participate in most Horizon Europe instruments. However, there are some country-specific rules to consider during the proposal preparation. These include a different partner status in the EU portal, affect the budgeting and have several implications on the contents of the proposal document.