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H2020 proposal writing during the coronavirus pandemic

14th March 2020 at 1:00 pm

Please check most recent posts for accurate information on deadlines. The information is changing fast.

2020 is a critical year for European researchers. Indeed, it is their last opportunity to secure funding for their research under H2020 and for the coming years. In such context, the coronavirus pandemic adds further constraints to the pressure of proposal writing. Here is what you can expect.

H2020 April proposal submission deadlines

Several submission deadlines are coming up:

In the case of the health related call, many medical researchers and clinicians are under severe pressure and fully committed to maintaining a high level of healthcare services in order to protect the health of European citizens.

Potential extension of deadlines by the EC

Under these extraordinary circumstances, the European Commission already extended the deadline for proposals under the Societal Challenge 6, offering one additional week to applicants.

However, we cannot expect other deadline extension from the EC at this stage. Keep working hard on your proposal and aim at finishing it on time. Extra days will be an opportunity to fine tune.

How to know if your call deadline is extended? Make sure your proposal is registered on the portal, you will then receive an email notification automatically.

How to submit your H2020 proposal in time

accelopment is based in Switzerland – one of the countries with the highest cases of COVID-19 in ratio with the population at the moment sadly. We are currently supporting European consortia in the preparation of proposals and we will ensure that the applications are submitted in time. For this reason, we have undertaken the following mitigation measures:

For more information on the current situation and effective ways to protect yourself and others, check out the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control website.