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Testimonial EU project coordination is not for the faint hearted. With the support of accelopment it becomes an exciting journey.
Prof. Sabine Moebs
EAGLE Project Partner
Dublin City University, Ireland
Now at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Germany

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EnhAnced Government LEarning

Public administrations (PA) need to cope with various challenges: new regulations, an aging workforce and the need for adopting their ICT. Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) represents thus a sensible option notably for rural local governments (RLG) that need to keep up with such changing environments, but do have limited access to training courses. From interviews of a pre-study with RLG in 5 European countries, we know that obstacles are to include learning in the work process and a lack of training plans. There are deficiencies in communication and collaboration skills despite the regular use of computers and mobile devices. EAGLE’s main objective is to equip employees in RLG with a holistic training solution based on Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Source (OS) tools, supporting the learning of critical transversal skills such as ICT literacy and professional management of change situations. EAGLE outcomes include an innovative change management model for a learning-enhanced work process, a proficiency-based cross-device OER curriculum, and contextualization tools for multilingual collaboration. These will be integrated into the novel EAGLE OER Open Learning platform that includes a new OER ontology for public administration and combines open data and learning platforms feeding into user services, argumentation technology tool and semantic search. Our solution will thus support OS business models for the benefit of technology and e-learning providers. It will be built on existing OS tools and frameworks, IEEE OER standards and the CKAN open data standards. The EAGLE consortium includes leaders in European OER, TEL, online assessment, mobile learning and e-government research as well as experts in organisational and pedagogical development, semantic web systems and services for PA.EAGLE will significantly advance the state-of-the-art in PA learning and introduce the technology through our validation and associated partners in real-life RLG environments.

Dublin City University, IE


Funded Project

AreaICT, Life Sciences
Duration01.01.2024 – 31.12.2027
Budget8.46 million euro

Project Management

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