Testimonial The Eurostars project Optobrain had an enormous impact on the growth of our start-up company NeMoDevices. Support by accelopment in project application and contract negotiations was truly unique.
Prof. Emanuela Keller
OPTO-BRAIN Project Coordinator
University of Zurich, Switzerland / NeMoDevices AG, Switzerland

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A new multi-parameter neuromonitoring system to save patients` lives in stroke, brain injury, cardiac arrest and sleep apnea

Brain blood flow (cerebral blood flow; CBF) and oxygen supply are the most important parameters to detect secondary brain injuries and to guide treatment. The currently available methods to monitor CBF are unsuitable and technologies for measuring CBF rapidly are needed. OPTO-BRAIN will deliver an unprecedented neuromonitoring system for multi-parameter monitoring for more accurate clinical decisions, better outcome and cost reduction in health system by further developing Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS).

The novel system will strengthen diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of stroke easier, faster and more accurate. It will therefore improve the health and quality of life of European citizens and also promote development in photonics for life science markets in Europe.
The development of the next generation neuromonitoring system requires the adaptation or optimization of the different components, their integration and validation in clinical trials and usability studies as well as quality management. Shortcomings of conventional and scientific NIRS instruments such as the high production costs, big size and lack of user-friendliness will be overcome by the miniaturization and user-directed development steps performed by OPTO-BRAIN.

NeMoDevices AG, CH


Funded Project

Duration01.01.2020 – 30.06.2024
Budget2.17 million euro

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