Exploitation requirements in Horizon Europe – How to make use of your project results

We discuss the new requirements regarding project exploitation and periodic reporting in Horizon Europe. We explore how R&I projects can meet the requirements outlined in the EU valorisation policy and how accelopment's innovation management system, accelINNO®, can support these efforts. Stay informed by subscribing to our blog updates!


Innovation management in Horizon Europe – from planning to implementation

We explore some of the cornerstones of the first part of our accelINNO® innovation management service by using AI-Mind, one of the projects we are involved in, as example. Learn how Jeanette Müller and Michael Hönger are supporting our partners on their journey from expected project results to the exploitation of valuable outcomes.


Making the most of the EC support services for innovation and exploitation in Horizon Europe projects

Bringing your publicly funded R&D innovations to the market is anything but straightforward. That is where the EC’s exploitation support services come into play, offering a helping hand to amplify your project’s impact. Join us as we delve into these services and how they can support your innovation endeavours.