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Diving into the MSCA Doctoral Networks with our transferable skills training modules

Transferable skills training are a key componenet for MSCA-ITNs and Doctoral Networks. Take our “master quiz” to test your knowledge in some transferable skills aspects and get a taste of what to expect from our online transferable skills training modules.


The art of writing convincing proposals – an essential skill for the 21st century

Grant writing has become an essential activity in academia and beyond. The art of convincing funding bodies through persuasive and compelling proposals is all the more important for early-stage researchers (ESRs) willing to progress in their career, be it in an academic or industry setting.


Why science communication is an important (transferable) skill for researchers

Science communication is a valuable transferable skill, one that is becoming more and more important with the increase of digital communication channels and platforms. Learn about how we can help Early Stage Researchers in mastering it for a successful career.


Gender equality – a priority in Horizon Europe and for your ESRs

Alongside the benefits of working in gender balanced teams, the inclusion of sex and gender aspects in research and innovation leads to research outputs and innovations that are of higher quality, more societally relevant and of added business value.


Research project management – key for successful ITNs and research careers

With the scarcity of research funding and the increasing competition in academia, properly managing research projects has become all the more important. Having a realistic project plan in terms of scope, time and costs is a critical criterion to acquire funding.