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Be smart – choose Eurostars: Eurostars-3 for innovative SMEs

As an SME you have the possibility to become project leader of a EUREKA Eurostars project and benefit from this funding opportunity’s many advantages. The stunning success rate of 29%, free choice of topic and up to 80% funding for the project's costs make it an attractive programme focused on promoting SMEs. We provide you with hands-on support for the application process.


SGP – how to plan your EU grant applications strategically

In a complex yet rich EU research and innovation landscape, our strategic grant planning will provide you with the key facts on the most promising funding schemes for your research ideas along with a timeline covering submission deadlines for the next two years.


EIC Transition – new funding opportunity to advance your FET results

Both, the FET Innovation Launchpad (Horizon 2020) and the EIC Transition (Horizon Europe), have the goal to support the exploitation of results from FET projects. However, the instruments have key differences you should be aware of.


The Eurostars funding scheme for innovative SMEs – all facts at a glance

Get the answers to all your questions about Eurostars in one infographic.


The roles and requirements of Partner Organisations in ITNs

Besides beneficieries, ITNs offer the possibility to include Partner Organisations in the project. The following article looks at the most common roles and linked requirements.


Mastering corner traps when setting up your Eurostars project budget

The question of how the project will be funded is a complex topic that needs to be addressed thoroughly since funding rules differ between the eligible countries and types of organisations.