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Effective Reporting in Horizon Europe: Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation

15th February 2024 at 3:10 pm

Blog series 2/3: Horizon EU reporting

Welcome back to our blog post series dedicated to the periodic reports (RPs). From our previous post you could learn, amid other things, that these reports represent a legal obligation towards the European Commission (EC) and that they allow EC Project Advisors and Financial Officers to verify the progress of the work as well as assess the eligibility of the costs claimed by the project partners. If you wish to be reminded about the frequency of the reporting, the process and details on constituent elements, revisit “Our experiences from the first periodic reports” entry. Today, we will focus on reporting about communication, dissemination and exploitation activities that ensure the impact of the project and beyond.

Is it different for reporting outreach activities?

As you already know, reports consist of two elements, Part A, the project-specific online forms in the EU Funding & Tenders Portal and Part B, the Technical Report describing the work carried out during the reporting period, which must be uploaded as a PDF document into the portal. The same applies to reporting your communication, dissemination and exploitation activities. Here you are also required to complete both Part A and Part B.

What do I need to populate in Part A?

Simply click on the according element in the interactive infographic below:

A few more words on the respective sections in Part A of your report:

What do I say in Part B – description of work progress?

Technical Report (Part B) is a narrative description of the work carried out during the reporting period. The core body should consist of a description of the activities performed during the reporting period for each work package, including one on outreach activities. Here we are sharing some recommendations on what to include in this part of the report:

Figures can enhance your reporting.

By incorporating these elements into your Technical Report you will ensure comprehensive coverage of your communication, dissemination and exploitation activities, demonstrating accountability, progress, and strategic planning to the EU.

How to make Horizon Europe reporting smooth?

At accelopment, we take pride in our role as leaders in communication and dissemination efforts for numerous EU-funded projects. With a dedicated team of professionals, we provide essential support to consortia throughout the planning, monitoring and evaluation stages. Navigating the intricate requirements set forth by the EC, we guide project partners throughout the reporting process, ensuring it proceeds smoothly and efficiently. If you are interested in learning more about how we can support your project in these areas, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Project Communications Managers.

Joanna Plesniak
Project Manager Communications

Dr. Margaryta Schaltegger
Project Communications Associate

Blog series 2/3: Horizon EU reporting