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Reporting the impact of COVID-19 on your H2020 project to the EC.

17th April 2020 at 2:33 pm

COVID-19 and the measures set in place to combat the pandemic have changed the way we work and how we can implement projects. To assess the impact of the current situation on EU funded research, the EC has requested an assessment of any effects on the implementation of ongoing H2020 projects as well as a plan on how to handle these. Here are some tips to help you gather the necessary information.

1. Address key question to your project partners

For H2020 projects in which accelopment is currently a partner for project management, we have developed a questionnaire with about 15 questions to help us identify any deviations from the initial plan caused by the COVID-2019 crisis.  Here are a few examples:

Has the work of your organisation in this project been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak?

Access to labs / work places

*Please specify since when: ____________(dd.mm.yyyy).

Collaboration with other project partners

*Please specify since when: ____________(dd.mm.yyyy).



Deliverables (from 2020 to the end of the project)

If yes:

To make it easier for our project partners, we have included a list the deliverables,the lead partner and due date for each pending or upcoming deliverable until the end of this year

2. Provide questions specific to Innovative Training Networks

For Innovative Training Networks (ITN), we have prepared some additional questions regarding Early Stage Researches (ESRs) and the training programmes. These include the following

Delays in ESRs individual research project

Delays in Trainings

Delays in Recruitment

Delays or cancellations in planned secondments

If yes:

3. Set a time plan

As many Universities (labs) and companies have been closed for several weeks now, we have decided to request this input until the end of April. Once received, we will compile all information and analyse the current situation. Although no deadline was set by the EC, we aim to prepare a formal notification, where necessary, in May and provide this to the Coordinator for submission to the EC Project Officer.

4. Plan next project steps

Together with the Coordinators and the WP leaders of “our” consortia, we will then elaborate a plan for the restart of the project activities that are currently on hold, adapt the work plan and timings, if necessary, and develop several scenarios for the remainder of the project lifetime. Based on these scenarios, the project steering committees will then need to decide on the best way forward that will then be proposed to the EC.

Further reading

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