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Simplify your Eurostars application experience

11th July 2018 at 12:16 pm

The Eurostars website offers not only a lot of information on how to apply for funding but also a portal to complete the proposal directly online. Although this might have many advantages such as a clear given structure, character limitation in the text fields and a validation system to make sure no part has been forgotten, it also has its disadvantages. Since the application forms are only accessible online it can be more of a challenge for a consortium to work on the proposal simultaneously, or to keep an overview of what they have been writing so far due to the small text fields. Our experience has shown that offline tools are very much appreciated during the application process and we are happy to share some of them with you to facilitate your future application.

Three new tools for your Eurostars project application

We have created three new tools based on the Eurostars online portal to assist applicants during their Eurostars application process. With these tools you will be able to work offline, collaborate and share your progress with partners. We’re providing all templates at no cost and no strings attached, however due to copyrights reasons we need to protect the templates, which restricts them to basic editing functions. In collaboration with us you will of course receive full editing rights. Apart from that there are no further restrictions and no installations to be deal with, all you need is Microsoft Word (or another compatible word processor) and you’re ready.

The initial version of our Eurostars tools were created while preparing the application for the sus@pension project. We felt that the partners working on the application, AAAccell and RISE, would find it easier to draft their proposal offline using programmes they use on a daily basis. Therefore, we have developed templates reproducing all forms of the Eurostars online portal and provided them to the consortium. Once the proposal was final all that remained was to simply copy/paste everything into the online forms and to submit, which took us no longer than three hours. The positive feedback we received led us to the conclusion that other applicants could benefit from our tools when applying for Eurostars funding  – saving them timeand and supporting their way of working.

Eurostars Registration Template

The first tool will let you get the administrative work done more easily. Instead of sending each partner a list of requirements per email, then reminding them which info is still missing, you can send them our Eurostars Registration Template and wait for the replies. All the information needed for the online forms is included in the Eurostars Registration Template and as such can be copy/pasted once it’s finished.

Eurostars Proposal Template

Our personal favourite is the Eurostars Proposal Template. Using this tool you can write your whole proposal without ever logging in to the online forms. We’ve included every necessary field, descriptions and character limits where they apply. We hope that this tool will allow you to work whenever and from anywhere you want, even without internet access. No longer does the proposal have to be written in a small online form where you can only see half the information you need. We’ve not included any character limits which will allow you to write down all your ideas, and remove the less important parts once you’re done.

Eurostars List of Technical and Market Areas

This tool is less of a template and more of an additional document to help your Eurostars proposal writing. In the online forms there is no possibility to see all technical and market areas at a glance but you have to click through multiple dropdown lists. We needed an easy to share list we could send out alongside our recommendations. Today, we’re sharing our lists with all potential Eurostars applicants.

How accelopment can help your Eurostars proposal

During the last Eurostars cut-off in March 2018, we have just supported another successful Eurostars project and are eager to share our knowledge with future applicants. accelopment has vast experience in writing European grant applications. This includes project proposals for the Eurostars programme, including the awarded OPTO-BRAIN, NoCATs, MAXCOAT and most recently sus@pension. Once approved, we can support you in the contract negotiations and also provide project management support.

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