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Digitalisation: Virtually everywhere?

12th August 2021 at 4:07 pm

Every aspect of our lives appears to be dominated by digitalisation. We have computers at work and at home, and computers are in our pockets – smartphones with social media and many apps. Digitalisation controls traffic lights and many facets of mobility. It is in our houses and all places where we consume energy. Healthcare systems are digitalised to deliver patient care. Digitalisation is indeed everywhere! How is this represented in Horizon Europe?

For the fifth industrial revolution to thrive, where humans and machines are combined and artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly adopted and applied, research and innovation are required at the national, European, and global level.

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The EU has defined digital strategies in several policy documents, including in its Shaping Europe’s Digital Future priority announcement, Artificial Intelligence white paper, Digital Decade target setting and Space Strategy for Europe communication. Following these, Horizon Europe, the EU`s largest framework programme for research and innovation ever, facilitates the digitalisation process by supporting the discovery and development of innovative ICT technologies and their deployment in a wide range of application areas, such as in Health (Cluster 1) for personalised medicine and in Climate, Energy and Mobility (Cluster 5) for smart, individual solutions.

Although digitalisation is clearly a cross-cutting activity, there is one dedicated sub-programme in Horizon Europe that is focused on Digital, Industry and Space (Cluster 4). Having had a closer look at the two-year work programme for Cluster 4 (2021/2022), the European Commission has defined 6 destination areas under which more than 200 initiatives will be funded in a total of 84 call topics with € 2.9 billion. Researchers, companies, and other organisations can apply for grants, non-repayable funding, to progress in digital and industrial technologies to shape all sectors of the economy and society.

The Horizon Europe Cluster 4 programme offers over 80 call topics in 2021 alone for research and innovation in digitalisation. The table below shows the key facts and the anticipated number of funded projects.

Destination 1 – Climate Neutral, Circular and Digitised Production

Call topic Type Title Contribution per project* Funded projects*
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-01 IA AI enhanced robotics systems for smart manufacturing (IA) EUR 8-10 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-02 IA Zero-defect manufacturing towards zero-waste (IA) EUR 8-10 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-03 IA Laser-based technologies for green manufacturing (RIA) EUR 5-7 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-05 RIA Manufacturing technologies for bio-based materials (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-07 IA Artificial Intelligence for sustainable, agile manufacturing (IA) EUR 4-6 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-08 IA Data-driven Distributed Industrial Environments (IA) EUR 4-8 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-10 IA Digital permits and compliance checks for buildings and infrastructure (IA) EUR 5 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-11 RIA Automated tools for the valorisation of construction waste (RIA EUR 6-10 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-12 RIA Breakthrough technologies supporting technological sovereignty in construction (RIA) EUR 8-10 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-14 RIA Deploying industrial-urban symbiosis solutions for the utilization of energy, water, industrial waste and by-products at regional scale (RIA) EUR 8-12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-16 CSA Hubs for Circularity European Community of Practice (ECoP) platform (CSA) EUR 2 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-17 IA Plastic waste as a circular carbon feedstock for industry (IA) EUR 12-18 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-18 IA Carbon Direct Avoidance in steel: Electricity and hydrogen-based metallurgy (IA) EUR 6-18 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-19 IA Improvement of the yield of the iron and steel making (IA) EUR 4-5 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-20 IA Reducing environmental footprint, improving circularity in extractive and processing value chains (IA) EUR 12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-21 IA Design and optimisation of energy flexible industrial processes (IA) EUR 12-18 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-22 IA Adjustment of Steel process production to prepare for the transition towards climate neutrality (IA) EUR 4-5 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-01 IA Rapid reconfigurable production process chains (IA) EUR 8-10 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-02 RIA Products with complex functional surfaces (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-04 RIA Excellence in distributed control and modular manufacturing (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-05 RIA Intelligent work piece handling in a full production line (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-06 IA ICT Innovation for Manufacturing Sustainability in SMEs (I4MS2) (IA) EUR 4-8 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-07 RIA Digital tools to support the engineering of a Circular Economy (RIA) EUR 3-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-09 IA Demonstrate the use of Digital Logbook for buildings (IA) EUR 4.5 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-10 IA Circular flows for solid waste in urban environment (IA) EUR 12-18 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-11 IA Valorisation of CO/CO2 streams into added-value products of market interest (IA) EUR 12-18 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-13 IA Raw material preparation for clean steel production (IA) EUR 4-5 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-15 RIA New electrochemical conversion routes for the production of chemicals and materials in process industries (RIA)- EUR 8-12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-16 IA Modular and hybrid heating technologies in steel production (IA) EUR 3 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-17 IA Integration of hydrogen for replacing fossil fuels in industrial applications (IA) EUR 12-18 M 3

Destination 2 – Increased Autonomy in Key Strategic Value Chains for Resilient Industry

Call topic Type Title Contribution per project* Funded projects*
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-01 RIA Ensuring circularity of composite materials (RIA) EUR 8-9 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-03 RIA Identifying future availability of secondary raw materials (RIA) EUR 13.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-04 IA Developing climate-neutral and circular raw materials (IA) EUR 12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-05 CSA Building EU-Africa partnerships on sustainable raw materials value chains (CSA) EUR 8 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-06 RIA Innovation for responsible EU sourcing of primary raw materials, the foundation of the Green Deal (RIA) EUR 7.5 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-07 IA Building innovative value chains from raw materials to sustainable products (IA) EUR 12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-08 CSA Establishing EU led international community on sustainable-by-design materials to support embedding sustainability criteria over the life cycle of products and processes (CSA) EUR 3-4 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-09 IA Promote Europe’s availability, affordability, sustainability and security of supply of essential chemicals and materials (IA) EUR 7-10 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-10 RIA Paving the way to an increased share of recycled plastics in added value products (RIA) EUR 5-7 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-11 RIA Safe- and sustainable-by-design polymeric materials (RIA) EUR 4-5 M 5
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-12 RIA Safe- and sustainable-by-design metallic coatings and engineered surfaces (RIA) EUR 4-5 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-14 IA Development of more energy efficient electrically heated catalytic reactors (IA) EUR 7-10 M 8
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-16 CSA Creation of an innovation community for solar fuels and chemicals (CSA) EUR 3-4 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-17 RIA Advanced materials for hydrogen storage (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-20 RIA Antimicrobial, Antiviral, and Antifungal Nanocoatings (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-25 CSA Biomaterials database for Health Applications (CSA) EUR 2-4 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-26 RIA Sustainable Industry Commons (RIA) EUR 2-4 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-27 CSA Innovation Radar, Tech Due Diligence and Venture Building for strategic Digital and Industrial Technologies (CSA) EUR 2.5-4 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-28 CSA Re-opening industrial sites preparatory action – Promoting a sustainable strategy for Europe’s industrial future (CSA) EUR 1 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-29 IA Innovate to transform’ support for SME’s sustainability transition (CSA) EUR 5 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-31 RIA European Technological and Social Innovation Factory (RIA) EUR 3-5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-02-32 RIA Social and affordable housing district demonstrator (IA) EUR 2.5 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-01 RIA Circular and low emission value chains through digitalisation (RIA) EUR 6-8 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-02 RIA Monitoring and supervising system for exploration and future exploitation activities in the deep sea (RIA) EUR 14 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-03 CSA Streamlining cross-sectoral policy framework throughout the extractive life-cycle in environmentally protected areas EUR 2.4 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-04 IA Developing digital platforms for the small scale extractive industry (IA) EUR 5 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-05 RIA Technological solutions for tracking raw material flows in complex supply chains (RIA) EUR 13.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-06 IA Sustainable and innovative mine of the future (IA) EUR 12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-07 IA Innovative solutions for efficient use and enhanced recovery of mineral and metal by-products from processing of raw materials (IA) EUR 12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-08 RIA Earth observation technologies for the mining life cycle in support of EU autonomy and transition to a climate-neutral economy (RIA) EUR 4.5 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-10 RIA Innovative materials for advanced (nano)electronic components and systems (RIA) EUR 3-5 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-11 RIA Advanced lightweight materials for energy efficient structures (RIA) EUR 3-5 M 5
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-12 RIA Functional multi-material components and structures (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-13 RIA Smart and multifunctional biomaterials for health innovations (RIA) EUR 3-5 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-14 IA Membranes for gas separations – membrane distillation (IA) EUR 6-8 M 6
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-16 IA Building and renovating by exploiting advanced materials for energy and resources efficient management (IA) EUR 5-7 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-19 RIA Advanced materials modelling and characterisation (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-20 IA Climate Neutral and Circular Innovative Materials Technologies Open Innovation Test Beds (IA) EUR 10-12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-21 CSA Leveraging standardisation in Digital Technologies (CSA) EUR 4.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-23 RIA Safe- and sustainable-by-design organic and hybrid coatings (RIA) EUR 3-5 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-24 RIA Novel materials for supercapacitor energy storage (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-25 IA Optimised Industrial Systems and Lines through digitalisation (IA) EUR 4-5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-26 CSA Innovate to transform’ support for SME’s sustainability transition (CSA) EUR 5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-02-01-PCP PCP Boosting green economic recovery and open strategic autonomy in Strategic Digital Technologies through pre-commercial procurement (PCP action) EUR 9 M 1

Destination 3 – World Leading Data and Computing Technologies

Call topic Type Title Contribution per project* Funded projects*
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-01 RIA Technologies and solutions for compliance, privacy preservation, green and responsible data operations (RIA) EUR 8-11 M 5
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-03 IA Technologies for data management (IA) EUR 5 M 6
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-05 RIA Future European platforms for the Edge: Meta Operating Systems (RIA) EUR 8-12 M 5
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-07 CSA Coordination and Support of the ‘Cloud-Edge-IoT’ domain (CSA) EUR 1.5 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DATA-01-08 CSA Roadmap for next generation computing and systems technologies (CSA) EUR 2 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-01 RIA Methods for exploiting data and knowledge for extremely precise outcomes (analysis, prediction, decision support), reducing complexity and presenting insights in understandable way (RIA) EUR 8-12 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-02 RIA Cognitive Cloud: AI-enabled computing continuum from Cloud to Edge (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 10
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-03 RIA Programming tools for decentralised intelligence and swarms (RIA) EUR 4-8 M 5
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-04 IA Technologies and solutions for data trading, monetizing, exchange and interoperability (IA) EUR 10-13 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01-05 RIA Extreme data mining, aggregation and analytics technologies and solutions (RIA) EUR 5 M 6

Destination 4 – Digital and Emerging Technologies for Competitiveness and Fit for The Green Deal

Call topic Type Title Contribution per project* Funded projects*
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-01 RIA Ultra-low-power, secure processors for edge computing (RIA) EUR 8-10 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-05 CSA Open Source Hardware for ultra-low-power, secure processors (CSA) EUR 2 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-06 IA Advanced optical communication components (IA) EUR 4-6 M 6
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-07 RIA Advanced Photonic Integrated Circuits (RIA) EUR 3-5 M 8
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-09 IA AI, Data and Robotics for the Green Deal (IA) EUR 3-5 M 7
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-10 IA AI, Data and Robotics at work (IA) EUR 3-5 M 6
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-11 RIA Pushing the limit of robotics cognition (RIA) EUR 5 M 9
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-12 RIA European Network of Excellence Centres in Robotics (RIA) EUR 11.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-13 CSA Academia-Industry Forum on Emerging Enabling Technologies (CSA) EUR 2.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-14 RIA Advanced spintronics: Unleashing spin in the next generation ICs (RIA) EUR 2-3 M 6
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-21 RIA Next generation quantum sensing technologies (RIA) EUR 6.75 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-23 RIA International cooperation with Canada (RIA) EUR 1.33 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-26 CSA Coordination of European Smart Network actions (CSA) EUR 3 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-27 RIA Development of technologies/devices for bio-intelligent manufacturing (RIA) EUR 5-7 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-30 RIA Investing in new emerging quantum computing technologies (RIA) EUR 5 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-31 RIA Functional electronics for green and circular economy (RIA) EUR 3-5 M 9
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-32 CSA Support and coordination of the Quantum Technologies Flagship Initiative (CSA) EUR 6.4 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-10 RIA Quantum sensing technologies for market uptake (IA) EUR 5-7 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-15 FPA Framework Partnership Agreement for developing the first large-scale quantum computers (FPA) 0
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-16 RIA Basic Science for Quantum Technologies (RIA) EUR 2-3 M 5
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-17 FPA Framework Partnership Agreement for developing large scale quantum simulation platform technologies (FPA) 0
HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-19 FPA Framework Partnership Agreements in Quantum Communications (FPA) 0
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-03 RIA Advanced multi-sensing systems (RIA) EUR 3-5 M 10
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-05 IA AI, Data and Robotics for Industry optimisation (including production and services) (IA) EUR 3-5 M 5
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-06 RIA Pushing the limit of physical intelligence and performance (RIA) EUR 4 M 7
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-07 IA Increased robotics capabilities demonstrated in key sectors (IA) EUR 6 M 6
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-26 RIA Open source for cloud-based services (RIA) EUR 4-6 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-30 RIA European Enabling technologies for Beyond 5G/6G RAN disaggregated architectures (RIA) EUR 13 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-35 RIA Advanced characterisation methodologies to assess and predict the health and environmental risks of nanomaterials (RIA) EUR 2-3 M 5
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-38 CSA International cooperation in semiconductors (CSA) EUR 3 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-39 RIA Ultra low energy and secure networks (RIA) EUR 13 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-17 RIA New generation of advanced electronic and photonic 2D materials-based devices, systems and sensors (RIA) EUR 16.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-18 RIA 2D materials-based devices and systems for energy storage and/or harvesting (RIA) EUR 9 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-19 RIA 2D materials-based devices and systems for biomedical applications (RIA) EUR 6 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-20 IA 2D-material-based composites, coatings and foams (IA) EUR 9 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-22 CSA Supporting the coordination of the Graphene Flagship projects (CSA) EUR 3 M 1

Destination 5 – Open Strategic Autonomy in Developing, Deploying and Using Global Space-Based Infrastructures, Services, Applications and Data

Call topic Type Title Contribution per project* Funded projects*
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-11 RIA End-to-end satellite communication systems and associated services EUR 4-6 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-12 RIA Future space ecosystems: on-orbit operations, new system concepts EUR 1-2 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-21 RIA Reusability for European strategic space launchers – technologies and operation maturation including flight test demonstration EUR 30-39 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-22 RIA Low cost high thrust propulsion for European strategic space launchers – technologies maturation including ground tests EUR 15-19 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-23 RIA New space transportation solutions and services EUR 1-1.5 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-41 RIA Copernicus Climate Change Service evolution EUR 10-11 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-42 RIA Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service evolution EUR 6-7.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-43 RIA Copernicus Security and Emergency Services evolution EUR 4-5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-44 RIA Copernicus evolution for cross-services thematic domains EUR 3 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-62 RIA Quantum technologies for space gravimetry EUR 15-17 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-SPACE-01-81 RIA Space technologies for European non-dependence and competitiveness EUR 2-3 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-11 RIA Future space ecosystems: on-orbit operations, preparation of orbital demonstration mission EUR 20-26 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-12 IA Technologies and generic building blocks for Electrical Propulsion EUR 1-2 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-13 IA End-to-end Earth observation systems and associated services EUR 2-3 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-21 RIA Multi sites flexible industrial platform and standardised technology for improving interoperability of European access to space ground facilities EUR 1-2 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-41 RIA Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service evolution EUR 8-10 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-42 RIA Copernicus Anthropogenic CO₂ Emissions Monitoring & Verification Support (MVS) capacity EUR 5-6 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-43 RIA Copernicus Land Monitoring Service evolution EUR 4-5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-62 RIA Space Weather EUR 0.5-1 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-72 CSA Education and skills for the EU space sector EUR 2-3 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-81 RIA Space technologies for European non-dependence and competitiveness EUR 2-3 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-SPACE-01-82 RIA Space science and exploration technologies EUR 1-1.5 M 6

Destination 6 – A Human-Centred and Ethical Development of Digital and Industrial Technologies

Call topic Type Title Contribution per project* Funded projects*
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-01 RIA Verifiable robustness, energy efficiency and transparency for Trustworthy AI: Scientific excellence boosting industrial competitiveness (RIA) EUR 4 M 9
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-02 CSA European coordination, awareness, standardisation & adoption of trustworthy European AI, Data and Robotics (CSA) EUR 4-9 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-03 RIA European Network of AI Excellence Centres: Pillars of the European AI lighthouse (RIA) EUR 9 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-04 RIA Trust & data sovereignty on the Internet (RIA) EUR 12 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-05 RIA Trustworthy open search and discovery (RIA) EUR 8.5 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-06 IA Innovation for Media, including eXtended Reality (IA) EUR 8-9 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-07 CSA Next Generation Internet community-building and outreach (CSA) EUR 2 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-08 CSA NGI International Collaboration – Transatlantic fellowship programme (CSA) EUR 2 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-09 CSA NGI Tech Review (CSA) EUR 1.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-13 RIA eXtended Reality Modelling (RIA) EUR 4.8 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-14 RIA eXtended Reality for All – Haptics (RIA) EUR 6 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-17 CSA Awareness raising on Intellectual property (IP) management for European R&I (CSA) EUR 1 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-18 CSA Fostering standardisation to boost European industry’s competitiveness (CSA) EUR 1 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-19 IA Testing innovative solutions on local communities’-demand (IA) EUR 5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-20 CSA Piloting a new industry-academia knowledge exchange focussing on companies’ needs (CSA) EUR 2 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-21 RIA Art-driven use experiments and design (RIA) EUR 2.8 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-24 RIA Tackling gender, race and other biases in AI (RIA) EUR 3-3.5 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-25 IA eXtended Collaborative Telepresence (IA) EUR 5-8 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-26 RIA Workforce skills for industry 5.0 (RIA) EUR 5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-27 RIA AI to fight disinformation (RIA) EUR 6.5 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-28 CSA eXtended Reality Ethics, Interoperability and Impact (CSA) EUR 2.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-29 CSA Support for transnational activities of National Contact Points in the thematic area of Digital (CSA) EUR 2.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-30 CSA Support for transnational activities of National Contact Points in the thematic area of Industry (CSA) EUR 1.5 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2021-HUMAN-01-31 CSA Support for transnational activities of National Contact Points in the thematic area of Space (CSA) EUR 1 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-01 RIA AI for human empowerment (RIA) EUR 4 M 4
HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-02 RIA European Network of AI Excellence Centres: Expanding the European AI lighthouse (RIA) EUR 11.5 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-03 RIA Internet architecture and decentralised technologies (RIA) EUR 11 M 2
HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-05 RIA Next Generation Safer Internet: Technologies to identify digital Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) (RIA) EUR 2 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-07 RIA NGI International Collaboration – USA and Canada (RIA) EUR 6 M 1
HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-14 RIA eXtended Reality Technologies (RIA) EUR 5-8 M 3
HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-19 IA eXtended Reality Learning – Engage and Interact EUR 5-8 M 3

* The EU contribution and number of funded projects are estimations based on the available information and our experience.

Digitalisation projects and accelopment

We have long-standing experience in EU grant applications. As a sparring partner for the coordinator and the whole consortium, we already support projects in the digitalisation area, such as DECIDE, ENVISION, and sus@pension from start to end.

For more information about our Proposal Writing services for Digital, Industry and Space, you are welcome to contact our experienced team.

Johannes Ripperger

Dr. Johannes Ripperger
Research & Innovation Manager

Marco Cavallaro

Marco Cavallaro
Research & Innovation Project Manager