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With the first Cluster Health Work Programme in Horizon Europe for a more resilient and healthier Europe

18th March 2021 at 11:31 am

The COVID-19 pandemic is a major challenge not only for the European healthcare system and economy but also for citizens and communities. The repair of economic and social damage as well as the recovery of people and communities will be a priority for the years to come. Research and innovation will play a key role in this process and will set the way to making society more resilient and health systems better prepared for the next pandemic or another public health emergency.

With the first Horizon Europe Cluster 1 Health Work Programme (WP), the European Commission will fund research and innovation activities supporting the building of a more resilient Europe on multiple levels – from supporting mental health of European citizens, through boosting of digitalisation and efficient health data use, to development of next generation AI tools, therapies, and vaccines:

1. Mental health

The pandemic has caused an increase of mental health issues due to anxiety and social isolation, especially in vulnerable populations (children and the elderly). Understanding mental health and illness is an important health priority.

2. Digitalisation and efficient health data use

Digitalisation of health care systems and efficient use of data in research and innovation will increase the capacity of Europe to deliver sustainable and affordable health care and decrease the wasting of resources.

3. Next generation AI tools, therapies, vaccines, and medical devices

Europe needs to combat major diseases but also be prepared for emerging threats; development and validation of novel tools are therefore crucial priorities.

4. Resilience

An additional boost on building resilience capacity will be given through innovation procurement and the establishment of a designated European Partnership.

All call topics in these four priority areas are listed in the table below. Please note that this information is based on the latest draft version of the Horizon Europe Cluster Health Work Programme; it is therefore subject of change.

Proposal writing and management of Health projects at accelopment

Over the years we at accelopment have successfully supported multiple consortia in the preparation of health proposals for EU framework programmes from FP5 to Horizon 2020. Our successful Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs and IAs) in health include the recently funded AI-Mind and ENVISION, the ongoing EURO-SHOCK, EXIMIOUS, Lumiblast and VANGUARD projects, as well as the completed IMPROVED, Pre-ART, PILGRIM and RICHE projects. Typically, our first role is to support during proposal writing and to execute the grant preparations with the EC. Then, during the project implementation, we work as a project partner assisting in project management tasks and coordinating the communication and dissemination activities.