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Hundreds of Green Deal funding opportunities for research and innovation in Europe

14th May 2024 at 1:17 pm

Blog series 1/1: Green Deal

The European Commission has launched a series of important policy measures under the European Green Deal initiative (EGD) since 2020 that aim to transition the EU into a more sustainable, climate-neutral economy and to become the world’s first “climate-neutral bloc” by 2050. Fundamentally, funding research and innovation in green technologies and sustainable solutions is crucial for achieving the EGD’s objectives. Hence, the EGD encompasses various programmes supporting research and innovation projects across renewable energy, energy efficiency, circular economy, biodiversity conservation, climate adaptation, sustainable agriculture, and clean transportation.

Funding for the EGD comes from various sources, including the Horizon Europe framework programme for research and innovation, but also many other EU funds and initiatives dedicated to specific aspects of sustainability and climate action. Navigating this variety of funding streams and understanding their specific priorities and requirements can be challenging for researchers and organisations with an ambition to address these societal challenges.

The figure below summarises the EU funding landscape relevant to the EGD at the programme level.

Green Deal funding landscape overview

In Horizon Europe, most calls for EGD-related collaborative projects are situated in clusters 5 (Climate, Energy, and Mobility) and 6 (Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment). Additionally, the EGD forms an integral part of the European Partnerships landscape, notably Circular Bio-based Europe, Biodiversa+, Europe’s Rail and Clean Hydrogen. Furthermore, four out of the five EU Missions are dedicated to EGD-related topics, covering adaptation to climate change, ocean and water restoration, climate-neutral cities, and healthy soils. All five EIC Pathfinder Challenges for this year are also aligned with EGD goals. Research contributing to the EGD is also encouraged in “bottom-up” funding instruments where applicants propose their own research topics, such as the prestigious European Research Council’s (ERC) grants, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Pathfinder and Accelerator, or the SME-focused Eurostars programme.

Outside of Horizon Europe, funding can be obtained from the LIFE programme which aims to achieve the shift towards a sustainable, circular and resilient economy, protect and restore the environment, halt and reverse biodiversity loss; the Just Transition Fund which aims to alleviate the socio-economic impact of climate change in the regions most affected. There are also funding schemes addressing the needs of the agriculture sector, e.g., the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund or the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund supports notably sustainable aquaculture developments.

Confused? This is understandable, but not too worrying.

Because over the coming weeks, our EGD experts at accelopment will provide insights into some of these funding opportunities in areas such as climate change, clean energy, mobility, agriculture or the circular economy. Make sure to subscribe to our blog section to stay updated on the latest insights into research and innovation funding.

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All clear! This is how we can support you in EGD applications.

Once you or we find a suitable call for your project idea, possibly with our Strategic Grant Planning service, we stand ready to assist with professional proposal writing support tailored to your needs. Whether you require a review of your proposal, assistance with specific sections or full writing support, we have the expertise to meet your requirements. Leveraging our experience from successful Horizon Europe projects like ROADVIEW, SOLARX, and PEPPERONI, we can guide you in preparing a competitive research and innovation project application.

Please reach out to discuss how we can further assist you.

Marco Cavallaro

Dr. Marco Cavallaro
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Dr. Jörn-Frederik Wotzlaw
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