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Dissemination in Horizon Europe projects: publications, conferences and more

In a project funded under Horizon Europe, participants are required to plan and carry out their dissemination activities carefully and extensively. At accelopment we are excited to support your proposal and help you spread your research results as widely as possible to maximise the impact of your project.


Making EU project management efficient with accelCOCKPIT®

Project coordinators and partners often think that EU project management in Horizon Europe refers to only scientific coordination. However, it also covers the operational management of the grant and it bringstogether up to 15 partners. The project coordinator has a truly challenging job in aligning the work towards a joint project goal and accelCOCKPIT® is designed to make this task a seamless process.


Preparing a short stage-1 proposal? Mind the new declaration

As deadlines for two-stage calls in the areas of Health, Climate and Food are getting closer, learn about a key change in the submission process from Horizon 2020 to Horizon Europe.


Essential tips for your FET Open/ Pathfinder Open proposal (re-)submission

The first, highly competitive, EIC Pathfinder Open call revealed important novelties for applicants. As in FET-Open, the programme is still targeted at breakthrough, innovative solutions, but with changes ranging from the formalities of the main proposal document to the strict requirement of a multidisciplinary approach.


There is more than food in the Horizon Europe’s Cluster 6 – check out the new funding opportunities

With a total budget of € 2.2 billion for 2021 to 2022, the Horizon Europe Cluster 6 is expected to support a transformative change of the EU economy and society to reduce environmental degradation, stop and reverse the decline of biodiversity, and better manage natural resources while meeting the EU's climate objectives and ensuring food and water security.