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Master the Eurostars online portal like a pro

15th July 2020 at 2:18 pm

Having followed our previous blog on the first steps towards a successful Eurostars application, you can now set out to master the application form with the guidelines at hand and your project already registered.

Application form

With your newly created account, you can log in to the online portal and start answering all questions in the online application form. Use our practical templates to compile and sort your information and easily collect more input from your project partner(s).

Download our Application form template here.

The online forms do not allow much formatting or any images. Use CAPITALS for headings or to highlight important information. We highly recommend you to create a project annex where you can include tables, images and charts. This gives you the possibility to refer to said annex in the application form and really stand out from other applicants. Read our blog on the different annexes to include in Eurostars or contact us to find out more.

Always make sure to stick to the character limits. You cannot go over, because the online forms will just cut your text, but you should also make good use of the characters given and provide a comprehensive, detailed answer if there is space to do so.

Section 1 – PROJECT PITCH:

Here you will introduce your planned project. This part must be short and concise. Make sure that already your project title is attractive and informative before you describe what you will deliver, what your motivation is and how you plan to make money with the service or product you develop. We advise you to draft these essential questions at the beginning and then update and finalise them once your application is well-advanced. This way your answers will be more precise and accurate.

Several answers of the project pitch as well as the total project costs will be made publicly available on the Eurostars website if your application is successful. Be careful and only disclose information that you are willing to publish right from the start of your project. Nevertheless, this is the first page the evaluators will read, so this part should catch their attention and make them want to read more about your project – not just because they have to.

Section 2 – BUSINESS CASE:

After introducing your project, you have to describe your business case, as Eurostars is focused on supporting projects that are already close to market and helping you to rapidly commercialise your innovative product or service. Keep in mind that the aim of Eurostars is to bring increased value to the economy, higher growth and more job opportunities. Your project duration should not exceed 36 months and market introduction no more than 24 months after the end of your project.

You should have a clear strategy on how to introduce your product or service to the market, how to grow your company and how to impact the targeted market or even create a new market. To do this it is important that you know the existing market and your competitors.

Furthermore, Eurostars funding does not cover all elements in the product development cycle. How much of your total eligible costs will be actually funded by the programme depends on your country and type of organisation. For example, a Swiss SME will get 50% of their project costs funded and a maximum of €500,000 for all Swiss partners involved in the project. Make sure you are able to finance the remaining percentage of your costs in the project and quantify not only the finances invested to date but also future investments required for commercialisation.


Whereas the previous section covers any market-related question on your project, this section focuses on your technical achievability and innovativeness. You will have to describe your approach and why your solution is better than existing ones, as well as the risks and challenges of your approach and how you plan to mitigate and tackle them.

The section also covers the ethics and legal issues related to your project. The Eurostars ethics requirements can be found here. You should include the Ethics Issues Table in the Project Annex. This will show that you have completed the ethics self-assessment and help you to ensure that your proposal is compliant with applicable international, European Union and national law.

Section 4 – WORK PACKAGES:

To implement your project effectively and efficiently, it will be divided into several work packages (WP). Each WP has its own objectives but is nonetheless related to preceding or subsequent ones and contributes towards the overall objectives of the project. Define a clear timeline for each WP and describe the tasks that will be undertaken, the expected results and milestones reached on the way. You might wish to include a GANTT chart in your project annex to visualise the timeline and connections of the different WPs and tasks. Furthermore, you need to calculate the costs for each participant by work package and the total cost of the work package.

Section 5 – PARTICIPANT:

A Eurostars consortium must consist of at least two partners from two different Eurostars countries. One of the partners must be chosen to be the project leader (main partner). The main partner must be an R&D performing SME and equal to at least 50% of the project budget (but no more than 75%). This partner will be the project coordinator.

In this section you need to describe your consortium as a whole as well as each partner individually and why the project will benefit through their collaboration. Furthermore, you will have to explain how you handle issues on IPR and the exploitation of results, for example, how will the project’s results be distributed across the consortium and who will own them?

Each participant will have to clearly explain their current financial situation, state what their motivation is to participate in the project and explain how their participation will economically impact their organisation.

When addressing the more administrative questions, make sure your email address is correct because after the submission you will receive further instructions on how to proceed to the email address you have specified in this section. It’s those small obstacles that can make the difference between receiving important information – or not!


Don’t forget about the mandatory financial annex and the optional project annex.

For the financial annex, each participant will have to upload their financial reports of the past two years, or their business plan if they are a start-up and do not have any financial reports yet.

Although the project annex is only optional, it is nevertheless highly recommended as this will give you the possibility to include figures, charts and other pictures to your application. Read more about the project annex here.

How can we at accelopment support your Eurostars application?

We will offer you hands-on support throughout the whole application process, from helping you on your work plan to advising you on the project budget. As there is no template for the Project Annex and hardly no limits of what you can include (as long as you don’t exceed 50MB), we are eager to help you make the best impression with your Annex on the evaluators.

Our many years of proposal writing allow us to support you throughout your application process, facilitate communication with your project partners and manage your application in the Eurostars online platform. We have been involved in several successful Eurostars applications in the past, such as the awarded OPTO-BRAIN, MAXCOAT, NoCaTS, sus@pension and MiniLib and most recently RETWood and FP-Catheter.

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