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Making EU project management efficient with accelCOCKPIT®

Project coordinators and partners often think that EU project management in Horizon Europe refers to only scientific coordination. However, it also covers the operational management of the grant and it bringstogether up to 15 partners. The project coordinator has a truly challenging job in aligning the work towards a joint project goal and accelCOCKPIT® is designed to make this task a seamless process.


From group photos to Zoom screenshots: Communication goes digital

As so many others had to during the global pandemic, the EU-funded projects we are involved in adapted, learnt, and grew their knowledge and experience in digital communication. Find some best practice examples you might want to implement in your own project, supplemented with the corresponding digital work culture.


Less competition than usual in the first Horizon Europe Health calls

For the first Health cluster deadline of Horizon Europe, a total of 591 proposals were submitted. The chances of success seem to be higher than usual. Find the estimated success rates in this blog post.


Digitalisation: Virtually everywhere?

The EU`s funding programme Horizon Europe facilitates the digitalisation process by supporting the discovery and development of innovative ICT technologies and their deployment in a wide range of application areas, in the dedicated Cluster 4 focused on Digital, Industry and Space, but also in Health and Climate, Energy and Mobility.


The Global Challenges of Horizon Europe and how they compare to Horizon 2020

From pillars, challenges, clusters, destinations, missions, calls, and call topics to Research and Innovation Actions, Innovation Actions, and Coordination and Support Actions – Horizon Europe, the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation has it all. The terminology and structure is new and needs some elucidation.


With the first Cluster Health Work Programme in Horizon Europe for a more resilient and healthier Europe

The European Commission will fund research and innovation activities under Horizon Europe for a healthier and more resilient Europe - from supporting mental health, through boosting of digitalisation and efficient health data use, to development of next generation AI tools, therapies, and vaccines.