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Horizon Europe Health proposals: What are the success chances in stage 2?

30th January 2024 at 11:00 am

Blog series 2/5: Horizon EU Health calls 2023/2024

For our second post about the Cluster 1 Health two-stage calls, we analysed the submission statistics. As shown in a previous blog post on the stage-1 proposal submissions, over a thousand applications were submitted in September last year. A week ago, the proposals that scored above a certain threshold were invited to submit a full proposal for stage 2 by 11 April 2024.

While the thresholds are usually set at 8 or 8.5/10 (minimum 4 for both Excellence and Impact sections), it was even higher in case of oversubscribed calls. In fact, thresholds are set at a level that ensures that the combined budget of stage 2 proposals is close to three times the available budget, and not less than two and a half times the available budget, as explained in the respective call pages. For this reason, proposals submitted to the call topics HLTH-2024-TOOL-05-06-two-stage and HLTH-2024-STAYHLTH-01-05-two-stage that reached a close-to-perfect score of 9.5 were not invited for stage 2. The thresholds in these calls were set at 10.

Are you amongst the lucky ones? The table below shows the statistical chances of success, based on the number of expected projects stated in the Health Work Programme 2023-24.

TopicTitleSubmissions stage 1ThresholdProposals invited to stage 2Expected nb. of projectsExpected success rate (relative to stage 2)
HLTH-2024-DISEASE-03-08-two-stageComparative effectiveness research for healthcare interventions in areas of high public health need909226-727-32%
HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-03-11-two-stagePandemic preparedness and response: Adaptive platform trials for pandemic preparedness1084375%
HORIZON-HLTH-2024-DISEASE-03-13-two-stageValidation of fluid-derived biomarkers for the prediction and prevention of brain disorders749.5113  27.3%
HLTH-2024-DISEASE-03-14-two-stageTackling high-burden for patients, under-researched medical conditions1189.515426.6%
HLTH-2024-TOOL-05-06-two-stageInnovative non-animal human-based tools and strategies for biomedical research1901015426.6%
HLTH-2024-ENVHLTH-02-06-two-stageThe role of environmental pollution in non-communicable diseases: air, noise and light and hazardous waste pollution908.528831.1%
HORIZON-HLTH-2024-CARE-04-04-two-stageAccess to health and care services for people in vulnerable situations939205    25%
HORIZON-HLTH-2024-STAYHLTH-01-02-two-stageTowards a holistic support to children and adolescents’ health and care provisions in an increasingly digital society129911327.3%  
HORIZON-HLTH-2024-STAYHLTH-01-05-two-stagePersonalised prevention of non-communicable diseases – addressing areas of unmet needs using multiple data sources2081012541.6%

Although some of the success rates seem relatively high at this point, proposals in the second stage must reach the overall threshold of 10 to be considered for funding.

Make sure to follow our upcoming blog posts on the work plan and work packages geared to the lump sum budgeting and the actual lump sum calculation and requirements for Health calls these next few days.

Making the best out of your Horizon Health project!

We at accelopment have been fortunate in the Horizon`s Health programme and been able to work with committed coordinators and many project partners from all over Europe and beyond. Our successful Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs and IAs) include seven ongoing COVend, EDiHTA, EU PAL-COPD, GENEGUT, GLIOMATCH, MyPath and ThermoBreast in Horizon Europe and even more Horizon 2020 Health projects.

Are you looking for support for the preparation of your stage 2 proposal? We are always interested in supporting new project ideas and consortia. Feel free to contact us to see how we can support you in this decisive step towards the realisation of your project idea.

Marco Cavallaro
Research & Innovation Project Manager

Blog series 2/5: Horizon EU Health calls 2023/2024