Funding News

With the MSCA ITN deadline of 10 January 2017 approaching fast, we at accelopment have taken the time to go through the European Commission's new MSCA proposal template and Guide for Applicants, to see if any major changes apply.

Whilst the EC has made many minor modifications in wording and remarks of the required headings in Part B, there are no major changes that applicants for the H2020-ITN-2017 call have to tackle. Nevertheless, a few changes are worth noting, especially for those resubmitting their 2016 proposal:

  • In the Part B template and the Guide for Applicants, the word "projects" has now consistently been replaced by "actions" as in all of Horizon 2020. According to the EC "action refers to the specific project to be implemented by the beneficiaries."
  • The EC is highlighting its commitment to the integration of refugees as a key priority and as such encourages applicants to include activities which could support the integration of researchers who are refugees. More on this can be found in the Guide for Applicants new section 4.6 refugees.
  • The Part A ethics section now features a new question "Could your research raise concerns regarding exclusive focus on civil applications?" Under Horizon 2020 only activities focusing on civil applications are entitled for funding, this is nothing new and most applicants will be able to tick "no" in the Part A section. If in doubt, you might find this EC Guidance note helpful.
  • What made us smile: Whilst last year the template did not allow including a table of contents, this year it is mandatory to have one in Part B section 1-3 (max 1 page).

As always, all of accelopment's templates have been adapted, accounting for all the changes and our team of experts is ready to help you write a successful MSCA ITN proposal.