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In our last posts we’ve been focusing our attention on MSCA, ITN and ESRs. After giving you a good overview of the individual subjects in those articles we are now continuing with our Starting Guide series to offer you some more concrete help with your projects. In this three-part-series we will be giving you tips on how to manage your projects in regard to the ESRs, starting with the recruitment process.

Code of conduct

The European Commission (EC) has an official Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, which outlines the topics recruitment, selection, transparency, judging merit, variations in the chronological order of CVs, recognition of mobility experience, recognition of qualifications, seniority and postdoctoral appointments.

The second set of rules that have to be adhered to have been written down in the Description of Action (DoA).The predefined procedure on recruitment and selection has to be followed in order to successfully recruit the most suitable candidates. This is one of the steps where accelopment’s many years of experience in ITN project management and administration will help your project move along swiftly, while at the same time adhering to the rules.

Job advertisements

The project coordinator will prepare a draft job advertisement for all ESR positions. Throughout this process, accelopment offers support by providing templates and collecting the necessary information on the individual ESR positions. The job advertisements will have to be approved by all beneficiaries before it is posted anywhere.

The EC requires that all job ads are posted on the online portal EURAXESS. However, the beneficiaries are also open to post the ads on any other suitable portal or in other media. The posting is usually done within the first month of the project. Furthermore, each beneficiary has make sure to take down the advertisement once the position has been filled.

In projects managed by accelopment,  all job ads will be posted on the project website. Since accelopment creates and maintains the website, our experienced employees will make sure to remove the filled positions and keeping the job ads up to date.

Recruitment list

It is beneficial to have a central recruitment list to maintain an overview of the available ESR positions throughout the recruitment phase. This allows the supervisors to exchange information about qualified, pre-selected and contracted applicants. Accelopment will not only create the list for your project but also upload it on a central depository, which all beneficiaries can access, as soon as the recruitment starts.

ESR selection

The selection process lies within the responsibility of the recruiting partner. Following both the criteria defined in the DoA and local requirements, such as an assessment by the organisation’s own HR department. However, there are several important points that supervisors should remember during the selection process:

  • Preselect candidates based on an HR assessment and qualifications.
  • Interview potential candidates with another member of the ESR board.
  • Inform other beneficiaries on the selected applicant as well as other potential candidates for their ESR positions.

ITN and accelopment

What started out back in 2008 during the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) has become a long history of supporting ITNs since, and our success has not halted with the transition to Horizon 2020. Our roles include writing the proposal, advising partners during contract negotiations, supporting in project management and coordinating the dissemination activities. Working as a partner organisation or subcontractor, accelopment’s services during the project implementation are covered by the project funding. All of the roles mentioned above are currently being carried out in four running ITN projects: Train2Target, PEARRL, EXCILIGHT and ClickGene.

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