Company News

On the 13th September 2018, the submission for new Eurostars applications closed. However, there will be a next opportunity for innovative SMEs located in one of the Eurostars partner countries to apply for funding: 28th February 2019

Facts to consider 

To learn more about the latest facts on Eurostars, we have created a new infographic with latest facts on the Eurostars programme. Download the new infographic here

In a simple and concise way, the infographic introduces you to EUREKA Eurostars 2, visualising the programme for you in numbers and statistics, and offering you more information on typical project structures, consortium requirements, and projects we have been involved in in the past.

Contacts to make

This week (4th – 6th October 2018), the International Eurostars conference taking place in the frame of the Innovation Expo 2018 will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

There, you can meet representatives of the EUREKA Sekretariat, companies that have successfully applied for a Eurostars grant and one of our Eurostars experts, Marco Cavallaro, Research & Innovation Associate at accelopment. As we are always eager here at accelopment to stay up to date with latest news and developments of funding programmes, the Eurostars Conference offers a great opportunity to expand our knowledge and experience in Eurostars projects and participate in interactive sessions focusing on topics such as agri-food, circular economy, smart mobility, and smart industry. And, of course, Marco would be pleased to meet you there or hear from you before or after the event.

How accelopment can help your Eurostars proposal

During the last Eurostars cut-off in March 2018, we have just supported another successful Eurostars project and are eager to share our knowledge with future applicants. accelopment has vast experience in writing European grant applications. This includes project proposals for the Eurostars programme, including the awarded OPTO-BRAIN, sus@pension, NoCATs, MAXCOAT and most recently MiniLib. Once approved, we can support you in the contract negotiations and also provide project management support.


Helpful links

Official Eurostars website, https://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/
Eurostars 2018 cut-offs, https://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/content/eurostars-2018-cut-offs
Eurostars registration and submission, https://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/submission/about