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There are many information sessions and seminars offered on ITNs on how to prepare compelling proposals. Most seminars will give you a broad overview of the topic, offer some advice on the proposal writing process and might give you the chance to have some questions answered.

What makes us different

At accelopment, we feel that workshops should offer more. Workshops shouldn’t just consist of someone holding a presentation in front of a large group. We purposely keep our groups to just about a dozen participants. This gives us the chance to advise you one-to-one and will let you leave the workshop without any questions unanswered.

How we approach things

An accelopment workshop starts weeks before the event itself. We will be gather relevant information from our participants that will allow us to personalise our offering. With the information provided, we can pre-select relevant what we feel will be most useful for each participant. Broadly speaking, our concept is different for several reasons:

  • Multi-method approach and tuition: From presentations, exercises, case studies, group work to one-to-one meetings for truly individualised training
  • Preparation and follow-up: All participants will be required to prepare a project outline and do some homework to make the best use of the 1-day workshop
  • Step-wise approach and timing: The summer time is ideal for getting started or restarted, followed by the face-to-face workshop in September and a follow up by early October. This the allows the participants to guide them through the proposal set up process and leaves them enough time to compile the details
  • Focus and group-size:  Around 12 participants are an ideal size based on our experience, especially if the participants come from different research areas and have different levels of EU project experience

All workshops are hosted by either Jeanette Müller, CEO of accelopment, or Johannes Ripperger, Research & Innovation Manager.

Who should attend

While we do cater to the individual during the sessions, our workshops are aimed at university departments, institutes, research groups and research offices. Workshops are attended by members (usually researchers) from one of the above mentioned organisations. Workshops are thus not open to the general public for registration but must be organised by an organisation or group with only internal members attending. Workshops are held on-site for a duration of 1-2 days.

Our track record

What started out back in 2008 during the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) has become a long history of supporting ITNs (ETNs and EIDs) since, and our success has not halted with the transition to Horizon 2020.

Our roles include writing the proposals with researchers, executing grant preparations with the EC, supporting in project management and coordinating the dissemination activities. Working as a Partner Organisation or subcontractor, accelopment’s services during the ITN-ETN/EID implementation are covered by the project funding. These include also Transferable Skills Workshops on Project Preparation & Proposal Writing and Research Project Management. All of the roles mentioned above are currently being carried out in several running ETNs, including LightDyNAmics, EuroNeurotrophin and ImmerSAFE. More details also on some more recently approved ETNs are available on our website.