Project News

We were pleased to hear that the project Robo-Mate was selected to receive a “Common Exploitation Booster” a few weeks ago. While the event is interesting mainly for exoskeleton/robotics people, investors and industries with manual handling tasks (check out the details on the Robo-Mate website), we think that a quick overview of the exploitation booster might be helpful for any consortium looking to expand its reach.

The exploitation booster “helps partners in developing, creating and marketing a product or a process, in creating and providing a new service, in setting new standards, or in setting-up new training  courses or developing new curricula” (according to the service’s self-description). The service is free for H2020/FP7/CIP projects (except work days, possible travel and subsistence expenses; these costs, however, are eligible).

There are four types of services offered and a project consortium can only benefit from one of these services once. These services are:

  • Analysis of exploitation risks: An expert supports the partners to identify exploitable results as well as risks and potential obstacles to the future exploitation of the project's results.
  • Exploitation strategy seminar: In a face-to-face meeting, participants discuss results and design a roadmap towards exploitation. An expert facilitates discussion and provides guidance, including modalities and procedures to be followed for a patenting strategy.
  • Business plan development: In a face-to-face workshop, participants develop a complete business plan, facilitated by an external expert.
  • Brokerage and pitching event: Representatives of at least 5 related EU projects come together, ideally with external stakeholders, to widen their professional network, generate contacts for follow-up projects and receive training on how to present their project results.

Because the project has a lot of exploitable results and is reaching its end, the Robo-Mate consortium decided to apply for a brokerage and pitching event. When it comes to organising the event, there is one major difference compared to the other three types of services: It is only suited for a group of 5-10 projects. That is why Robo-Mate teamed up with the AXO-SUIT, BALANCE, MovAiD, SPEXOR and Symbitron projects.

The Common Exploitation Booster is a new service offered by the European Commission and accelopment will be among the first to have experienced it. As such, we do not yet know what exactly will await us on the 28th November in Amsterdam, but we will follow up this post in the next month.